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Thread: Cheap pickling jars!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadylane View Post
    Asda's own curry sauce and pickled beetroot are 9 and 10p
    Yes this is where I get all my jars from - Actually Asda & Sainsbury both do Basic Curry Sauce for 9p per jar - the sauce isn't up to much but the jars are ok and I didn't find it a problem getting rid of the curry smell from the lids.
    Forbidden Fruits make many Jams.

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    I've found it quite difficult to get the labels off the cheap jars....

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    Soak them in hot water for as long as you can stand, literally leave them for a few hours. Then pick off from the corner and sometimes it will come off in large bits; or you might need to scratch it off. I use 2p coin or my nail...then another soak and then a scrub with a scouring brush.

    Also if you struggle to get rid of smells on lids, buy big packs of lids, make sure you get the right size obviously but these can be obtained cheaply. I find some lids stain and the smell just won't lift, so a new lid has to go on.

    Always check the reduced section! Quite often get jars from there. save jars.

    or, the ultimate bargain hunters trick, rummage through peoples glass recycing boxes on collection day (don't traipse onto private property obviously!) anything on the roadside is fair game IMO. You'd be surprised the amount of jam/chutney jars you can collect, as well as posh oil containers etc. Buy lids off t'internet, and there you have some very cheap preserving jars

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    Default just wrong

    just seems so wrong to throw away edible food! There is something very wrong with the world for this to make financial sense.

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    That cheap curry actually make nice corination chicken if you add some sultanas and some apricots and apricot jam.
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    That's the mission for the weekend, try and find the cheap curry sauce jars

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    What with friends and family, I have never needed to buy jars, except for 'presentation' reasons, and then I would be buying the nice ones, not buying food to throw away.
    On the whole I am right alongside Rareblackdog, this is a sign of something seriously wrong with the vaues around!
    Flowers come in too many colours to see the world in black-and-white.

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