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Thread: Making Your Own Yoghurt

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    Quote Originally Posted by redkoatz View Post

    This one.
    But my gf broke it so I'm considering which other to buy.
    Sorry for slow reply. I get no notifications ��

    I'm reading the replies here and I'll definitely try the yeo valley organic entire small pot and let my mill cool more. Also I'll use whole milk instead of semi as suggested.

    I'm going to take on board all advice. I eat a ton of yoghurt so should save money if I can make my own ��
    FYI - Link takes you to "Your Orders Page" not the product page

    Kitchen Hook . Some people have a handy hook for hanging meat or game birds from. Other option is to use a Jelly Bag Stand or a brush handle and 2 chairs to hang bag from. . Or even a big jar. All will work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redkoatz View Post
    So just a thermos �� would be excellent if it works would save me ££ on a yoghurt machine as i already have a few thermos. I guess the temperature has to stay above 46 and the thermos is going to get gradually cooler, is why I'm somewhat sceptical.
    Interesting step to add marvel? For the extra sugar fit the bacteria to eat?
    I find that a "proper" vaccuum flask, with the glass liner works well, it's still warm twelve hours later because you have pre-warmed it with the boiling water. The wide necked food vaccuum flasks that don't have the glass liner (some sort of plastic I think?) don't seem to hold the heat so well.

    I've no idea of the reasoning behind the dried milk, could be as you say for extra sugar, all I know is it makes the yoghurt nice and thick. then if you strain it through muslin, you can end up with yoghurt the consistency of clotted cream. Yum! But I don't usually let it drain quite that long.

    Check the consistency after ten minutes and keep doing that until it is as thick as you want. Of course, the more whey that is drained out, the less volume of yoghurt you end up with.
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    Endless wonder.


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