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Thread: Making Your Own Yoghurt

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    Thanks for that Marigold!!!

    Can't wait to try it out!!!

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    It is lurv-a-ly, in my best British accent. Better than many store-bought ones!

    By the way, thanks for the recipe Sue. I'd try it today but I have an apple and elderberry crumble to eat my way through first!!

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    I too love yogurt and for years I just used a flask, whereas now I use a yoghurt maker, bought on French ebay for 7euros, which makes 8 individual pots at a time from a litre of milk. I tend to heat my milk and simmer it for 20 mins or so to reduce it and produce a thicker yoghurt.

    I also use Yourgourmet powder starters, as I reguarly have a visitor who is lactose intolerant, so cannot use the normal cows milk yogurt as a starter. For this reason I also use goat's milk too.

    I have to say I didn't realise that Greek yoghurt was made by straining the yoghurt to get rid of the whey. In that case, I may be able to make my visitor cow's milk yoghurt, then strain off the lactose-laden whey. I'll experiment on her the next time she comes!!

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    Sue, many thanks for your brilliant information. I tried seeing if anyone had the easiyog thing on freecycle but no luck so far so think i may have to shell out and buy one! suspect it'll be well worth it though! and btw, thanks for your welcome -- i really must get round to doing the introduction bit....but too busy reading all those posts and getting excited about trying new things!


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    Have now been experimenting with making yoghurt cheese. I drained a batch till it was really thick and flavoured with salt and black pepper. Must bring some herbs home from the allotment to try a herby version. It's very good, quite like philadelphia.
    best wishes

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    I had a go at making my own yoghurt with a yoghurt machine I got on Amazon (4.5 stars review)

    I followed the instructions thus.

    Heat the semi skimmed milk to 70c for 15 seconds ( note a wiki I later found said do not go above 85c as it burns proteins and sugars, but I wasn't aware at the time)

    Allow the milk to cool below 50c ( the wiki I later found said don't go lower than 32c as normal bacteria can start to grow ?? I suppose?)

    Add the milk and 2 teaspoons of Greek yogurt to the yoghurt machine, placing the innerlid and outer lid in place. ( the wiki also says the fresher the yoghurt the better and make sure it contains live bacteria, and also stir the milk and yoghurt to distribute the bacteria)
    I assumed all greek yogurt will contain it? But the manual that cane with the machine didn't give me this information, the wiki did.

    Let it be for 8 hours

    Sieve the yoghurt to remove fluid ( I used a rather expensive chef sieve called bullion strainer , which has fine holes like a mosin sieve or cheese cloth?

    Whisk, to make thick creamy greek yogurt.

    Conclusion, it looked like yoghurt, but it was more like a yoghurt drink.
    Could it be 2 teaspoons wasn't enough, like some responses I got on Amazon questions suggest?
    Could it be because the yoghurt was opened 24 hours previously?
    Could it be because I didn't stir?
    Maybe 8 hours isn't enough?
    Maybe I overheated ( above 85c) ? Or let it cool below 32c?

    Regardless can I get some clarification? I want to make a second try , I'm hoping for the same consistency as store bought Greek whipped yoghurt.
    I want to know which milk ( preferably healthy) p
    lease don't suggest live cultures. 6 pounds GBP for 3 live cultures is absurd, and goes against the satisfaction of being self sufficient.
    Can I make yoghurt infinitely, without ever needing to buy fresh yoghurt?

    Be as comprehensive as you like, I'll read everything

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    Just a few suggestions - use full cream milk - not semi-skimmed.
    Use a live yogurt like Yeo valley - natural, not flavoured!
    You can reuse your own yogurt as a start a few times but then its best to buy a shop yogurt to start again.
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    A Chicken walks with small steps. Be more Chicken

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    I've used a yoghurt maker since the 70's same recipe every time, but now I use a 1ltr maker rather than the individual pot one, that's still in the cupboard.

    Heat 1 3/4 pint milk to sterilised point 84c on thermometer
    Cool to blood heat, I've found it doesn't matter if its cooler.
    add a couple of tablespoons starter ( preferably left from previous batch)
    stir very gently
    leave overnight in yoghurt maker

    I make yoghurt every week and I've noticed after a couple of months the starter does seem to not works so well, you can freeze starter in ice cube trays.

    hope this helps

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