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    Hi Farmer Gyles. Yes you can certainly freeze fruit crumbles in individual portions. Stew your fruit (not too stewed). Pour into plastic containers (chinese takeaway cartons are ideal) top with crumble mix and freeze. You can either microwave from frozen or transfer into a similar sized ovenproof container and oven cook. Fruit pies you can make as you usually would and freeze before final baking (i.e. make your pastry case, fill with fruit, put the lid on, and then freeze).

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    You can do either, but if you want a pudding that is all there ready then you could be better freezing them cooked. That way you can also fill the oven with a bit of batch baking and then simply defrost and warm up as required - personally I quite like cold crumble, reminds me of when it was my turn to finish off the puddings for supper as a kid. Don't eat puddings anymore so it's all a distant memory.

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    make the crumble in foil trays (can be reused if you're careful) cook the fruit, then add your crumble mix, can be frozen cooked or uncooked. then you can either thaw/cook/heat in the oven,

    pies can also be made on foil plates, pastry can be frozen baked or unbaked, i prefer unbaked as they tend to be crispier.

    i do the same, i freeze everything in one person size, i hate wasting food.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Farmer_Gyles View Post
    well the idea is more about having it all ready made where possible
    i don't really want to freeze crumble mix separately from the fruit and make crumbles when i want them - the fruit won't get used for anything else ....

    ideally i'd cook lots of individual crumbles and freeze them so they only need defrosting / reheating - if i cook a big crumble, it gets messy dishing it up to freeze, hence the idea of making individual ones - so mainly a case of whether they should be cooked before freezing ????

    if everyone is freezing uncooked crumble mix, then i could prepare the fruit, put it in plastic tubs with the crumble mix on top, then freeze it??
    I don't see any reason why not, but I would recommend using foil 'dishes'. If you take care with them they can be used several times. Alternatively, line a 'cooking dish' with a strong plastic bag, freeze in the dish, then lift the bag out. When time comes to use, dip bag in warm water so it will come off the contents, then put the still-frozen block into the cooking dish. Foil dishes are a lot easier. We have dozens from the supermarket (I don't buy things in foil dishes often, I just never throw the dishes away). They are SO useful, mini-roasting pans/baking trays, dishes for sitting meat in while it defrosts, etc......
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    Yes, I use foil trays. Be aware that sometimes they're not exactly 'juice proof - when I defrsoted my roasted plums, there was plum juice all over the worktop!
    Growing in the Garden of England

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    I freeze fruit pies too. I make one in a 7" pie plate and when it's cooled I cut it in half, bag each half and freeze them - back on the pie plate to keep the shape. Half a pie does for pud on a Sunday when my Ma visits - she's very partial to a pudding! Other days we just have fresh fruit if we're still craving!
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    Metal or silicone muffin trays make ideal one portion crumbles. Grease, add stewed fruit, crumble topping, bake as normal. When cool, freeze, then pop out of moulds and bag then put back in freezer. Repeat.



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    thanks for the ideas guys
    i'll be batch cooking so it'll be lots of crumbles in one go

    the foil trays sounds good - not found foil things anywhere tho
    muffin trays is a good idea - cook lots of individual portions in one go - but as i'm batch cooking, i'll need quite a lot of trays anyway - and as muffins are round, that's a lot of wasted space in the tray, hence more batches to cook etc

    i'm tempted to get a couple more large rectangular pyrex dishes and take a chance on chilling the crumbles enough to divide them up without making too much mess

    there must be some other large tray / cooking dish ready divided like the muffin tray, but with more capacity than the muffin trays??

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