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    Quote Originally Posted by pickledtink View Post
    Mine's a Morphy Richards too but gives us great bread. Cakes are rubbish in it though.
    Hi PicledTink,

    Do you have a receipe I could try? It must be me if your bread turns out well!


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    Hi Weavie I just buy ready mixed there is a lot to chouse from and all you need is to add water, hope you try you will enjoy. j.tate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alice View Post
    What kind of breadmaker do you have Jennie and would you recommend that one. I want to get one but believe some are great and some are terrible.
    Alice unfortunately it was a pressie and I can't see the make on it. I'll try and dig out the instruction manual, as it makes THE most fantastic loaf. Our last one was a Morphy Richards and was a bit hit and miss, but this one ............ best bread I've ever eaten. We only had one morning when there was a horrible mess in the tray and I think that was oH not putting the water in!

    Anyway....... I will try and find out. It looks and feels a bit tinny (didn't like to say that when we got it), but have to admit it is good.

    Bear in mind that some of these breadmakers make a horrendous noise. We bought one for our eldest son and daughter in law and they live in a flat (we live in a huge four bedroom Manse) and they find if they set it for breakfast they get woken up at 5 in the morning. They make a lot of pizza dough!

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    Thanks Jennie, that would be great. I wouldn't worry about the noise if it makes good bread. I didn't know they were noisy. The things you learn on this site.

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