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Thread: New here... hi everyone

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    Tailless is offline Germinator
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    Default New here... hi everyone

    Hi all

    I confess I didnít actually intend to join today. I just started browsing around in the idle hope of finding some thoughts on what to do with young sweetcorn plants (canít plant them out yet - curses on this unreasonable cold snap! - but the plants are already a foot high, bursting out of their roottrainers in the greenhouse and getting desperate to be moved on). Then I started reading various threads, and then more of the threads.... my coffee went cold and I found I was hooked. So here I am.

    Iíve had an allotment for about 6 years now, though Iíve been gardening for about 15 years. Mine is a double plot in an an old walled kitchen garden in Windsor. There are only about 15 plots total here, so Iím pretty lucky with having a sheltered and protected spot plus deep top soil enriched by the diligent efforts of generations of Victorian gardeners (gentlemen - I salute you!). One side of the plot is devoted to fruit and veg, and Iíve turned the other into a bit of a garden.

    Sounds idyllic, but people on the estate here are prone to letting their dogs roam around unsupervised, so I do get some dog-related disasters like trampled seedlings, stolen sandwiches and big holes dug in my beds (stopped using fish blood and bone for that reason, as the smell seems to draw excitable mutts in from miles around!). The plot is also only a mile from the Thames, so prone to flooding in wet winters.

    Iím no-dig and mostly organic; my one exception to the rule is bindweed, which frustrates me enough that Iíll use just about anything to try to get rid of it. I grow a fairly wide range of stuff and I was lucky enough to inherit a couple of mature apple and plum trees. My challenge to myself this year is celery. I gave up on celeriac after four years as Iíve never been able to produce anything better than miserable little golf balls. I also canít seem to grow caulis which donít look like horrible stunted yellow brains, so Iíve given up on those too. Last yearís personal challenge was melons, and to my surprise I [I]did[I] manage to grow a couple of reasonable fruits.

    So far the little celery seedlings are coming on well in the g/h. Now I just need to work out what to do with that sweetcorn.
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    nickdub is online now Early Fruiter
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    Welcome to the forum - sounds you've got a lovely plot to work on. I lived near Windsor for a year when I was a student - long ago and far away now :-)

    What I used to do with sweetcorn at his stage was to cut the bottoms off lemonade and plastic milk bottles and use them a s mini-cloches - when I planted the sweetcorn out, I put a short stick for strength in next to each plant, then put the container over the top of both.
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    Hi Tailless and welcome.
    Its easy to get hooked on this site - I've been trying to escape for years.
    Your plot does sound lovely, walled gardens are special!
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    Welcome to the vine, enjoy the benefits of the advice and humour
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    Welcome to the vine

    You're garden sounds lovely.

    I have the same problem with growing cauliflower. So last year I thought I'd try romanesco instead.
    Turns out the wrong seeds had been put in the packet (from a big seed company) and I grow the best cauliflowers I've ever grown .
    I'm trying again this year with both.
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    Hello and welcome to the vine Tailless
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    Hallo Tailess and welcome to the vine.

    I can solve one of your problems right now.

    Buy a Thermos Flask.
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    Hi and welcome!
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