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Thread: Another newbie

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    tallis is offline Germinator
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    Apr 2019

    Default Another newbie

    Hi all, another newbie checking in here!

    I'm pretty new to gardening, despite having a mum and a grandad who are both keen gardeners. I was just never interested in gardening until recently, when a) a partner got into homebrewing, and b) shortly after the homebrewing started, I bought a house and a garden of my own.

    I've had the garden for just over a year now, but I still don't really know what I am doing, but I've definitely thrown myself in there I am far more interested in plants that produce something I can make something tasty out of, or are helpful in some other way to wildlife or other plants. I've currently got three dwarf apple trees (Katy, Worcester Pearmain, and Rosette, all on M27 rootstocks), a Japanese quince, and a blueberry, as well as some shrubs (including two buddleija, because I love them) in my front garden, and three colours of currant plus a yellow raspberry in the back. (Will be interesting to see what kind of homebrews can be made from those when they start producing!)

    This spring I also started messing around with planting seeds. I currently have ~40 small lupins and catmint plants in a plastic greenhouse affair, a bunch of herbs waiting to germinate on my dining table, and a bucket of chillis and a bucket of alpine strawberries that are (fingers crossed) just about to start poking their heads above the soil...

    Anyway, that's probably enough of me rambling!

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    veggiechicken's Avatar
    veggiechicken is online now Warning!! Contains Nuts
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    Hi tallis and welcome. Sounds like you've really thrown yourself into this gardening lark!! There are a few homebrew enthusiasts on here so you'll have plenty of company.
    Have a look at these for inspiration
    Make 2019 the Year of Random Seed sowing
    All we are saying is..........Give seeds a chance.

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    burnie is online now Veggie gardener
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    Jul 2006


    Welcome, I note you say you have A Blueberry, you will probably need another to aid pollination for a decent crop. The Blueberries like acid soil too, so if you didn't add any compost for ericaceous plants, you might need to get some and spread it on the top of the soil as a mulch.

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    May 2018
    East Yorkshire


    Hi Tallis welcome along. Im only learning too, lots of friendly folk on here who all seem happy to help!

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    Jungle Jane's Avatar
    Jungle Jane is online now Early Fruiter
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    Feb 2015


    Hello & welcome to the vine! Your garden sounds like it’s doing well,good luck with your seed germination,I always look at the seed trays & think they’re not going to germinate & then they do & it’s really amazing like magic

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    Aug 2011
    North East Lincolnshire

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    Small pumpkin's Avatar
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    Jun 2014
    Isle of Mull


    Welcome to the vine
    I'm available for home brew tasting as soon as it's ready
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    nickdub is online now Early Fruiter
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    Jul 2017


    Hi Tallis
    I'd like to be able to hold out some hope to you - but I'm afraid to say you have a severe attack of the gardening bug which as far as is known to science is incurable. On the plus side, though symptoms include pots of compost with small green things in them cluttering up all available surfaces and a lot of worry about slug attacks - you also get a lifetime of taking joy at growing things :-)

    Happy gardening - Nick
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