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Thread: Hello world

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    Welcome along to the forum Steve.
    You can get early plants by doing things like starting them off on a sunny southfacing windowsill - or buying a heated propagator. Having access to a greenhouse will also give you lots of benefits.
    My favourite tomato is rosella - but I'll be trying to grow a few other varieties as well this year.
    Godd luck.
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    Hi Steve. I have two kids on the spectrum and also a nephew recently diagnosed with Autism and another nephew presently being assessed for Asperger's so I am aware of the difficulties you face in life generally.

    It's really good you have found an interest in gardening, you are right in saying plants can help with your symptoms. Juicing green plants especially is really good to help with this but you really need a masticating juicer which unfortunately isn't cheap. My daughter dislikes the taste quite often but she does try to drink my juices as she knows they help her.

    Spinach and kale are very good for you and are easy to grow.

    As for tomatoes, I don't know about the one with the best flavour, but I got lots and lots of tomatoes from a strain called 'Shirley'

    Anyway, I really hope you visit this site a lot, there is a lot of good information here and everyone is very kind and friendly.

    Questions are good here. If you need to ask something, someone will be able to help.

    I'm not an expert gardener so I ask loads of questions. As soon as I get an idea in my head, it spills out and I usually ask have to questions about it here straightaway.

    Good luck with your allotment. I expect it will be a lot of hard work at first but it will be worth it.

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    Hello, Steve. Hope you have a great growing year on your allotment.

    As for my favourite tomato, I like all the ones I grow. Not many tomatoes I don't like, in fact. However, there is one tomato that's the best of all and that's the very first one of the season!

    If you like big plants, are you thinking of growing any potatoes this year? They grow quite big and it's always exciting digging the potatoes up. The first potatoes of the year are also the best.

    See you around the forum. Lots of friendly folk here willing to share information and laughs.
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    Steve, what a lovely introduction!

    One of my best friends is also on the spectrum, a very fine artist & filmmaker; I love corresponding with him because his grasp of language & events is so unique.

    As Small Pumpkin mentioned, I too struggle with humans: I prefer solitude and moved to a rural mountaintop to get it.

    But when I need a bit of company I come here, as these guys are just the best I've never met. Also they are so happy to help!

    My favourite tomato was the one I grew last year, Herzfeuer, which I believe are about 39p a packet at Lidl. This year I'm going for Alicante. Gardeners Delight if you like cherry toms is a good one if you're a newbie. It's always tricky on the mountaintop because of wind & random sun...

    Oh, and the only secret to growing toms I know of is, don't give up! Our landlords were shocked when we gave them ripe tomatoes last year as they'd never been able to grow tomatoes when they lived here.

    All best of luck with your garden, hope you enjoy the Vine

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    Hello Steve and a very warm welcome from me as well.
    Like others I find ‘people’ difficult to deal with but on here I’ve found out that my virtual friends really are fabulous.
    The toms I like the most are Tumbling Tom Yellow. I have a very small garden and use hanging baskets etc. They are pretty and very sweet. They freeze well but do make a delicious but strange coloured sauce or soup.
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    Hi Steve and a warm welcome to the forum

    My favourite tomato is Red Pear - a very sweet little cherry tomato in the shape of a droplet.

    My favourite vegetable is asparagus. When you let them grow, and don't cut the spears, they grow into absolutely massive ferns! If you want to have a look, Charles Dowding features them in one of his videos
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    Hi and welcome Steve..
    beetroot is nice and leafy too so you can add that to your list..
    Don't forget a chilli or two if you have access to a greenhouse!!😁
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    Hello Steve and a warm welcome to our forum.

    Hope you keep coming here a lot, to tell us what you are doing and planning with your allotment. There are lots of people who can give good advice here so don't be shy about asking questions if you have a problem with your plants.
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