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Well a farm by definition is 'an area of land that is devoted primarily to agriculture processes, with the primary objective of producing food and other crops'. So there is no actual definition regarding the size of the land in order to constitute it a 'farm'.

But to put it into perspective, we have around 300 chilli plants in total this year, on our plot of land, and have cropped around 1,500 chillies already (roughly). By the end of October, we expect to have picked over 5,000 chillies, as the vast majority of our pods are just readying up now. September will be a very busy month. October too. Many chillies are not even picked, due to the sheer numbers that we have.

As I said previously, we are not a commercial chilli farm at present. We are involved in the palms & exotics business, but are taking steps this year, to branch out into the chilli business next year, with plants and plugs available this coming spring.

Thanks Pepper Man for explaining that. You have an interesting range of plants (palms, cacti and exotics as well as chillies) and I wish you every success with your business.
You've even tempted me to try growing Trinidad perfume next year. This will be only the 3rd time I've attempted to grow chillies as they really do "scare" me. I blame it on all the macho types who want to eat the hottest in the world!! Perhaps you or one of the Vine's other chilli growers could breed a "Chilli for wimps" for me.