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Thread: A Glossary of Vine Abbreviations and Phrases

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    Kite - Blowaway Tunnel.
    Mom - Member Of The Month.

    I'll be back when I've had time to think..................You know when you're getting old when you can only think of 2 things at once..........
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    OH...other half
    DH ....dear husband

    slimes...slugs and snails
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    Default Glssy of Vine Abbs & Phras's

    A million "thank you's" from a new Grape on the Vine. A newbie veggie grower.
    I think I can try to keep up a little better now that some of the hieroglyphics known only to those who have many years of experience /knowledge of all things that grow!!!
    (Just got to try to remember 'em all now....!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bearded bloke View Post
    G4's bestest ever word .................... Bummocks
    Nope, that's attributable to 'Bumps' aka The lovely PumpkinBecki. Mine aren't nearly so polite

    Nutter! (Yeh, that's one o'mine!)

    My others are things like 'Chuff it!' 'Chuffin' 'eck/ell...' etc

    I am however, responsible for the origination of the typo 'Christmad' for which I seek no apology, as it is wholly appropriate and, in fact, now a commonly used alternative.
    All the best - Glutton 4 Punishment
    Freelance shrub butcher and weed removal operative.

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    it's that village you drive through


    Blowaway - cheapy mini plastic greenhouse thingy
    PT - Polytunnel
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    VVS ...the Virtual Vine Show...held every year over the summer months and into Autumn where peeps show off their produce! ( there are even prizes for the top 3 winners! )
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    "Nicos, Queen of Gooooogle" and... GYO's own Miss Marple

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    Blowaway - a temporary greenhouse consisting of a polythene cover over a tubular metal frame - often resembling a tent, known for its susceptibility to winds.
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    New all singing all dancing blog - Jasons Jungle

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    Gardener's Rest is actually the home of the most convivial virtual pub on the interweb. It has the most Glorious pint of the Black stuff imaginable and a space specially reserved for me. . Well I'm always first in and last out. . It is also the home of the most popular barmaidAttachment 58014.

    However what she lacks in looks she makes up for in nature Attachment 58015

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