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    Lot Valley France
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    welcome from me too I am normally in the Lot Valley near Cahors but am writing this post in the UK.
    Hoping my garden is ok ..only been away a week and already there has been a mighty storm with trees down and I have no idea what damage it has done to my plot! Looking forward to hearing your progress...i dont think there is a perfect place for gardening anywhere!

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    Hello from a bit north-west! Wed don't get such cold weather here but still nasty sometimes. We do get a lot of wind!

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    Snowy NSW, Australia


    Hello from darn south. Very south
    We also have cold winters altho only usually as low as -10C/-14C usually, but the dry hot baking summers. Very few plants that can cope with both in the same year! But I'm working on finding them.

    We're using no dig gardening as we have thin topsoil and shale underneath, and it's working well with the vege's. Trying with fruit trees now and branching out so to speak.

    My blog:

    Some days it's hardly worth chewing through the restraints!

    One bit of old folklore wisdom says to plant tomatoes when the soil is warm enough to sit on with bare buttocks. In surburban areas, use the back of your wrist. Jackie French

    Member of the Eastern Branch of the Darn Under Nutter's Club

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    Hello, and welcome to the Madhouse! Looks like you've met most of the other 'foreigners' I'm in good old Essex, which is also a foreign land to many!
    All the best - Glutton 4 Punishment
    Freelance shrub butcher and weed removal operative.

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