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    Noivec99 is offline Germinator
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    Cool Asian Herbs & Fennel & peanuts

    Hi to everyone

    What Varieties of Black & White Mustard to grow for seeds? & where can I get them from?

    What Varieties of Fennel can I grow for seed? & where can I get them from?

    What Varieties of ajwain. can I grow for seed? & where can I get them from?

    Can I grow onion seeds for Indian cooking if sow where can I get them from?

    One more question I like to grow peanuts where can I buy the seeds for these?

    Really thank you time

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    Hi and welcome.
    Are you in the UK? If so, any decent seed retailer will sell the seeds you want - apart, perhaps, from peanuts!
    Make 2019 the Year of Random Seed sowing
    All we are saying is..........Give seeds a chance.

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    Hello and welcome to the vine Noivec99, like VC says those seeds can be easily bought so I hope that answers some of your questions.

    Here's an older thread about mustard seeds it might be useful for you.

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