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Thread: Banana mint

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    I have no idea!
    I wasn't sure if it would apply to free ranging ones or just ones in pots?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Small pumpkin View Post
    Probably a slightly warmer island

    I keep forgetting to say while we're on the mint topic.
    On GQT last year sometime. They said if you keep different verities together they will eventually all smell the same. Can't remember if they said taste the same as well!

    I have found this to be true ( but not realising until GQT mentioned it ). I used to have 3 varieties to a container. When I decided to separate, it was only possible by visual difference. I thought they were all smelling the same because I'd been rubbing and sniffing so many my brain was playing tricks on me. Turns out my brain is perfectly normal ( ish ) and it was the mint.

    Anyone else experienced this.
    Useful info, thanks SP. I bought four mints at a food fair recently (strawberry, chocolate, apple and, erm, can't remember the last one) and haven't potted them up yet. Was considering putting them in one pot but it will be separate ones now.
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