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Thread: Growing Aloe Vera

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    BroadRipple is offline Rooter
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    May 2011


    can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong? I bought a tiny one last year...and it's still tiny. potted it difference. and it's quite thin and weedy too - thinnish leaves, not very well rooted (when I potted it on I dipped end in rooting gel, which seems to have made 0 difference)! Thank yoiu.

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    AgnDka is offline Germinator
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    May 2018

    Question Aloe Vera desesase?

    Hello everybody!
    I need some help with my Aloe Vera. It looks like this since about a month. I just repotted it 2 weeks ago because it was too crowdy in the last pot. I potted it into cactus-succulent mix. But since then its a bit "droopy", the leaves are soft and hanging down and most of the leaves has a few brownish black spots on. I red somewhere that it could be aphid, but i wanted to be sure.
    I really need some help as much as i am worrying for this plant. 🙁
    Thank you in advance.
    I can upload some pucs later if needed.

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    boatsman is offline Rooter
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    May 2013
    Near Jerusalem, Israel


    Just stick a cut off leaf in the ground and water it, that's all it needs. I had mine several years before it flowered. I use the sap as an all purpose aid against cuts or stings. I've even seen bottles of diluted aloe vera juice on sale as a refreshing cool drink.

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    Mitzi is offline Tuber
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    Nov 2016


    Prior to the last one, we had lots of mild winters in a row. Lots of tender plants could survive outside in London with its warm microclimate, but lots of gardeners have lost lots of plants this last winter as it was so much colder for so much longer.

    If you have spares, it doesn't hurt to try as long as you won't mind too much if they get frosted and turn their toes up.
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