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Thread: Growing Aloe Vera

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    Apr 2009
    benifaio valencia spain


    i have put it on wasp stings

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    Prairiewd is offline Germinator
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    Jan 2011


    I use aloe sap on burns. Cools it right down and stops blistering. Can't praise it enough.

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    Oct 2010
    Halse, Somerset


    When I was younger and hippyer, I ate it a few times as I was told it was really good for you. I tucked in to the leaves like you would a globe artichoke. Not delicious, but not entirely unpalatable either.

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    Seth2 is offline Germinator
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    Mar 2011


    Aloa vera is a good plant, i like it but it can't survive in cold, it needs the sun, you can check for another usefulm plant that can survive in the atmosphere of London. Last month i have bought some Spring Flowering Bulbs because it's spring, so i need some beautiful flowers in my garden, i took them from Garden Bargains discount codeGarden Bargains coupon & voucher code, i water them everyday, i'm sure they will look fabulous

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    Sep 2008


    they definitely don't survive here. I know, i left one out by mistake....don't ask....

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    Beatnix is offline Germinator
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    May 2010
    Originally from Belfast but been living on the Isle of Man since 98


    We have one my father-in-law gave us years ago with a Jade money tree. They were both in the same pot for about 2 years until I threw the head up and separated them. I separated my aloe in February - got 11 new pots of it - but it looked like they were all dieing until I checked the other day and I'm getting pups of the main one again (ironically I'm going to have to give my father-in-law a new one as he lost his due to frost). They'll grow in any soil - mine are just in top soil from the garden but they don't like watering from above so I just put some water in the main pot and put the plant pot into it then leave it for a few months. And don't get water on the leaves - they'll turn brown and rot.

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    Furny is offline Seedling
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    Mar 2010
    North Yorkshire


    I've seen some Aloe Vera seeds that I was trying to decide about. Has anyone had success with seed or are cuttings the way to go?
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    Oct 2010
    NE London


    aloe vera is amazing, i have quite a few plants ranging from massive to tiny. i use it for all sorts of medicinal uses, including rubbing the sap on cuts, burns and spots and putting the sap in a fruit smoothie for extra health boost. home made ginger, aloe and eccinacea drinks when you have a cold give it a run for its money

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