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    Default First growing project kids

    Very small children can see the growing process very quickly like this without waiting an age for a result and losing interest!
    You need a packet of cress, cotton wool or layers of kitchen paper, biscuit cutter shapes (e.g. Rabbit, heart.)
    Dampen cotton wool or paper, spread out flat on a plate.
    Place the biscuit cutter on top, press down.
    Sprinkle the seeds inside the shape only, remove cutter carefully and allow to grow, keeping the base damp.
    In a very short time the seeds will sprout in that shape.
    Cut the cress and try to persuade them to eat in a Ham sandwich.......

    Two more ideas:
    Mad hair clown:

    Fill eggshell with cotton wool
    Draw a face on shell
    Sprinkle seeds on top to grow lovely green 'hair'


    Take a slice of eggshell off one side, remove egg, wash out.
    Fill with cotton wool, add a nose and eyes, press sideways onto small lump plasticine so it stands up, sprinkle seeds on back to grow 'spines'.
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