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Thread: T&M - overselling and underdelivering at the moment, it would seem

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    Well I agreed with and 'liked' AP's first post in the thread. Touch wood I have had no problems with them apart from my 10 Charlotte Russe 'stick' which may miraculously start growing eventually
    If it doesn't, they will be getting an email.
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    Default Bleaugh....

    Well my fuchsia plug plants finally arrived, they are really small and squashed. Not a lot of expectation from them. A lesson learned.

    I looked at some trust pilot reviews and the company has more negative reviews than any other level. All unhappy people complaining about plant quality, customer service and being ignored.

    Something seriously going wrong with this company.

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    Has it ever been any different? I'm usually disappointed with their plants - especially their plugs. Their version of Jumbo plugs is a bit different to mine.
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    My osteospermum Snow Pixie plugs were great and so is my raspberry Ruby Beauty, all growing on beautifully too. Sounds like their problem is consistency. You absolutely have to rely on plants or seeds to arrive at the right time of the gardening year, and if they can't sort that their customers will vote with their feet.

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    In the distant past they used to be a good and reliable company (albeit a bit expensive) but I thought you got what you paid for. The last time I ordered something from them was years ago (can't remember what it was but don't think it did very well) and I also got a discounted / free pack of about 20 Bizzie Lizzies which were tiny little plugs that looked like someone had stepped on them so I'll never ever buy from them again. I'm still getting emails nearly every day for so-called special offers that are probably the left-overs that someone dumped on their compost heap in mistake. T.M. means time to move if you want quality plants.
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    Had some major problems with T&M this year. New ordering system put in and then they merged my order with some one else. So I was getting all the emails etc and they were getting all the plants! it took them 3 1/2 months and many emails etc to get it sorted.

    My advice, don't email any complaints. They are so busy it takes them over a month to finally reply if they do at all. Still waiting for a response to an email sent on the 27th of April.

    Try calling if you have free minutes on your phone, at over 35p a minute they keep you hanging on for 5 minutes working your way through an automated system before you get to a human. That said I got a very helpful chap who had worked in bank fraud office who was positively shocked, could have been the mention of the GDPR ombudsman that did it though.

    It was not the original problem that I was so annoyed about but the frustration in trying to get it sorted.

    Good news is after pointing out to the this was a serious GDPR issue they sent me out my whole order, refund for some of it and a 20 voucher if I feel brave enough to try again.

    High blood pressure versus free stuff?
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    I have recently had a disappointing experience, I ordered a variety of plugs, one of which turned up with all 10 dead, yellow/brown in colour, leaves falling off etc, I called T&M and they blamed royal mail for taking so long to deliver and they replaced them. 2 fruit bushes and 10 different plugs I ordered were then delivered in poor state but these have seemed to recover well. Finally 15 sweetcorn plugs arrived after over a month, 2 of which had completely snapped. In future I think I will stick to local garden centers, they work out more expensive but less hassle.
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    Default New Reader Experience

    Hi everyone my name is Minty, I’m a new reader and wanted to share my experience so far.

    This first issue I bought was the one with the 2 free Blueberry plants from Thompson and Morgan on the front cover. Wow, I thought what a great offer – I love Blueberries.
    So I went ahead and ordered the free plants. I’m glad to say the plants arrived on time, and sadly that’s where the fun ended.
    When the plants arrived they looked awful, Very weak and spindly. Nearly all the leaves have what appears to be pest damage, A lot of brown dry leaves with lacerations everywhere. Both plants had flowers on them and one even had some small fruit.
    Hmm, I thought not so good...

    I contacted Thompson and Morgan via email and attached some photos of the damage. I received an automatic reply telling me to wait 14 days for a human to reply. 14 days elapsed and no reply from T&M.

    So I ran a quick google to find reviews for T&M. Oh’ Lordy, I can’t believe what I’m reading not only on once review site but many. There are lots of unhappy customers who are all saying the same thing that T&M never reply to customer service email.

    Right oh’. Glad I paid via PayPal. So I popped over to PayPal and opened a dispute in their resolution centre. I sent Thompson and Morgan another email via PayPal and guess what! Yep that’s right they didn’t reply. I have now escalated the issue for PayPal to review.

    I wanted to let the magazine community know because I think the way T&M treat their customers reflects very badly on the magazine. I mean you are promoting them centre stage on the front cover – guilty by association I’m afraid.
    I also see on this forum that other readers are having issues with the same offer.

    I was hoping to choose a new subscription for fathers day. I have been torn between this otherwise great mag and a different one.

    At the moment I’m not sure which way to go. I don’t have confidence in T&M to order from them again, and feel I’d be missing out on reader offers if I had a sub.

    Perhaps it’s time for the magazine to review it’s promotional partners.

    Best wishes

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