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Thread: Readers Survey

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    May 2015


    Im with 21, i also wasnt mentioned ;(
    Bill, i also rang, get back to me on 0000000000000000 for a hot date or 1111111111111111 for a pizza, im easy
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    Jul 2015


    sorry not to get back sooner Jackarmy but I have been walking (nay struggling) to get to the telehone box in town. I have been ringing your number every 10 mins without any response.

    I have, however, managed to get through to the other number on occasions and so far have managed 30 pizza's. Fortunately they can only deliver in 40 mins which gives me an opportunity to try your number again before walking home and meeting the pizza guy before he leaves.

    To tell you the truth I am sick of pizza so wont be trying to ring you again.

    Funnily enough I have had several e-mails to 1) cut my lawn every other week. 2) lay artificial grass (didn't win the lawn mower then!). 3) offer private tutoring to pass my SATs (whatever they might be) 4) give me cut price deals on every imaginable gardening magazine in the world (including how to grow Cactus in a damp climate) 4) offering books to build up my memory so that I can correctly answer stupid survey questions.


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