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    moreteavicar is offline Germinator
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    Feb 2018

    Default Shredder recommendation

    Please can some one advise on an electric shredder for small garden trimmings, prunings, stuff with leaves etc.
    I was considering the Bosch 2200 but a lot of reviews say it gets clogged easily and is v difficult to unclog.

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    bikermike is offline Cropper
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    Nov 2017
    North London frontier


    My parents have Bosch (not sure what model). I use it once year for all my shredding needs.

    It's quiet, easy to use etc. It does sstruggle with very green or flexible stuff. The trick seems to be to keep a few good woody bits back for clearing it.

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    Angeldon's Avatar
    Angeldon is offline Seedling
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    Feb 2013
    West Wales

    Default Bosch shredder

    I bought the Bosch 2200 after it was recommended on here and am really pleased with it. It can clog but I've found this normally happens for one of two reasons, either the blade is blunt (really easy to change) or if you try to stuff too much into it at once . It easily shreds quite large woody prunings as well as green stuff. As Bikermike suggested if you alternate green with woody it stays pretty clear and if it does need clearing all you have to do is unscrew a knob and the front of the machine comes off.

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    Make 2019 the Year of Random Seed sowing
    All we are saying is..........Give seeds a chance.

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    iwatkins is offline Seedling
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    Aug 2009
    Peterborough, UK


    I have a Cobra Qs2500 and it's pretty good. Just don't haul it about by the handle otherwise it tends to break :-) but parts are readily available at reasonable price.
    As long as it's within spec it chews it's way through pretty well anything and chops it up nicely.
    I've lent it to various people and it has been used most of the day without giving up.
    I had a cheaper upright one before and that was very noisy and didn't last very long.

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