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    Default composite photos - good for 'before & after' shots

    I've just learned to make composite photos, so this is a little note to myself for when I forget again

    - You'll need to use small photos so reduce them first (I use
    - Open your photo in PAINT (I right click on the photo to find Paint)
    - find the little dot on the right hand side of the photo, and drag it to increase the white space
    - Open a 2nd photo in Paint, then Select and use the draggers to select the photo
    - then click on Copy
    - go back to your first photo, and click Paste. The 2nd photo appears on top of your 1st. Use the draggers (I can't think of the right name) to move the 2nd photo next to the 1st one
    - repeat those steps if you want to add a 3rd, 4th or 5th photo (although you will need to make them even smaller, the more you add)

    Here's one I did earlier
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    Thanks for the guidance!

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