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Thread: Would you go back

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    Default Would you go back

    There have been a lot of changes in my short life, some that I welcome, Health and Hospital care as an example but some things I would happily change back, for example I was what you might call a latch key child, my mother went out to work before I got home from school, but the key was just through the letter box hanging on a string, my mother didn't need to worry about me as she knew the neighbors kept an eye on me, or possibly it was just coincidence one of them was there when I did something wrong and ofcourse at this time of year there was not the demands on folk that there is now, Christmas started two weeks or so before the 25th. and there wasn't the pressures to spend more than you could afford, and Christmas day was a normal working day here in Scotland so again the pressure was less to have lots of food though it was a special dinner like having chicken or even a goose if you were lucky, people were more considerate and better mannered and you didn't have 24hr. television therefore people talked more with one another
    as you may have guessed I am sitting here as its too dark, cold and wet to be out in the garden, with nothing to watch on the telly, and impatient for spring
    it may be a struggle to reach the top, but once your over the hill your problems start.

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    I wouldn't go back permanently, but if you could nip back to see steam engines hauling mainline trains and petrol was 25 pence a Gallon, just for a day now and then. Christmas in our house was 12 days long, we put the tree and crepe paper trimmings up on the 25th and took them down on the 12th night.
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    I wouldn't go back. That would mean doing it all thanks!
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    I wouldn't mind going back to the sixties or seventies. Most of the good things were in place, Health care, antibiotics, washing machines and other labour saving devices, relatively affordable housing.
    Petrol was still cheap enough to go gadding about in the car, or on the bike, without too many people on the roads.
    The greater plus was that people still talked to each other and in a language most of us could understand.
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    Go back??
    I never came forward.
    Don't do Christmas for more than 2 days, hardly watch TV and I talk to my neighbours and strangers............and I don't get maudlin when its wet and dark like some people.
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    Some aspects f life in rural france do feel like we've gone back in time 40 years or so. Sometimes further back , sometimes very modern.
    It's genrperally a good mix.
    "Nicos, Queen of Gooooogle" and... GYO's own Miss Marple

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    Chestnut is online now Cropper
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    I’m getting itchy fingers too, particularly when it’s too dark and wet to be on the plot!

    I have been doing a bit of infrastructure work down the autumn which has kept me busy til the last week or so. Catalogued my seed collection last weekend, and made a spreadsheet with varieties, sowing dates and sow by dates. Next up is planting plan. Then paper pots. I am hoping there’ll be some good tv over Christmas as I reckon I will need over a thousand paper pots for next year’s supply of seedlings ;-)

    As for going back, I have often been curious as to how my life would have been had I lived in earlier times, and would love to try out a week or a year in a historical re- creation - but only if I had the option to come back to 2018 if I found I didn’t like it or got seriously ill ! I suspect I would very quickly realise how much I miss modern comforts like hot water on tap, if I didn’t have any for a while....
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    I'm not so much wishing to go back in time. It's possible to have a simpler life and be happy with less even in today's manic world. But, if I had a choice, there are things I'd get rid of in today's world, but I won't list it, because this forum isn't about politics.
    But then... I would go back to being younger now if I could. Not 21, but maybe early 30's. I haven't grown everything I want to grow yet

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