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    Default Barcelona waa brill!

    Oh my word we had such a fab time - the weather was 24 and sunny every day til the last day when it rained, but didn't matter as we were on way home. People were sunbathing on the beach and swimming! I was gobsmacked.

    Unfortunately I picked up the bug my son had earlier on so was quite sick and poorly then OH got it. It curtailed our normal eating and drinking when we go away. The good news is that I actually lost a pound with WW when I got home - result!

    We walked miles, used the buses, chilled and took in the atmosphere. Loved Gaudi's park thing on the hill. Would def go back and take the children, we didn't do the zoo and aquarium so we can do those with them.

    Spoke loads of spanish (used to teach it but was a bit rusty at first) and they all understood me, I don't speak any catalan.

    Stress levels have been at ZERO since I got home with both children - result! (even though the baby isn't v well) and spent a lovely day yesterday with Louis making birthday cards and carving the pumpkin for today.

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    Very envious of you jayneyo. Mr T didn't finish the roof until Tuesday - by which time the weather had turned to pants and there was no point in us going away. Very glad you had a good time though. Do the zoo with the sprogs next time, mine loved it (so did I).

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    I love Barcelona/ Spain as well, amazing
    Somedays your up, somedays your down, but you have to make the best of everything

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    Excellent stuff! Nothing like a relaxing break and a recharge to lift the spirits.

    Have never been to Spain, but have always liked the idea - we even have a book of things to see in Barcelona that someone once bought us as a present.

    Sounds like you had a fantastic time though, and left it with plenty to go back and see another day - always a good sign.
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    So glad you enjoyed it Janey. Told you you would. Where did you stay?

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    windy east coast, sandy soil


    Glad you had a great time, sorry about your bug. I've got it right now.
    All gardeners know better than other gardeners." -- Chinese Proverb.

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