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Thread: Chatback #17

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    Good morning still dark but looks like it could be a day of drizzly rain, busy making the porridge just now, don't know what we will do today but hope you all have a good day
    it may be a struggle to reach the top, but once your over the hill your problems start.

    Member of the Nutters Club but I think I am just there to make up the numbers

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    Good Morning All Gloomy start here and a bit nippy. Another lazy day ahead for me. Himself has bought me a KC food mixer that I was going to pay for myself, but it doesn't arrive until next week, shame, I could have played with it. Have a good day

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    Jul 2013


    Morning all, light cloud, but the sun is trying to break through.
    Nicos, what a story. You will remember Boxing Day 2018 I’m sure.
    I didn’t even get dressed yesterday, ate too many biscuits/chocolate and got the worst indigestion of my life. All my own fault.
    My cold is not getting better at all, and we have Christmas Day part two at our son in law to be’s house. His two little children will be there, so it will be loud. Just what I need lol
    We are having beef and I’m not cooking, so there’s a bonus.
    Have a good day everyone
    Nannys make memories

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    Thelma Sanders is offline Gardening Guru
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    Feb 2011
    Willesborough, Kent


    Congrats Bramble, well done.
    Nicos, good job you got them sorted before they had a chance to eat everything

    Enjoying my peace and quiet before the family hordes arrive again. Most of the food prep was done late yesterday, so only a question of putting the oven on later and putting out the salads.

    Have a good'un

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    Snoop Puss's Avatar
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    Morning, everyone. That was an encounter and a half, Nicos. Hope you didn't lose too much in the veg patch.

    Animals are amazing. One of our cats hates other humans but is otherwise fearless. A couple of weeks back, we had a fighter plane doing manoeuvres overhead. This one was extremely low over the house. I think we were a 'target' established by a reconnaissance plane the previous day. Anyway, after the plane had passed and I'd stopped trembling and worrying about the state of my heart, I went outside to check on the animals. One cat flattened to the ground. Dogs not sure what they were supposed to do and milling about in circles. But the fearless cat was up on the roof, sitting up and looking in the direction the plane had come from. No chance he was going to let it get us!

    And what a great gift, FF. Hope it brings you lots of pleasure. Even if you have to wait a bit, it's better late than never!

    Been to see the mechanic again with my car this morning Thought it was the previous adjustment that needed a proper repair with a spare part. But no, something else altogether. This car could be on its last wheels...

    Right, guess what? On with the work again. But it'll be a relatively slow few days, so that's OK.

    Have a good one, everyone.
    Note to self: Getting too old not to have a life.

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    Dublin, Ireland. East Coast.


    Good morning g all
    Grey start to the day but its 9 degs so no complaints.
    No visiting or visitors today so a free chill out day.
    May go out walking later
    Have a good day all.
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    And when your back stops aching,
    And your hands begin to harden.
    You will find yourself a partner,
    In the glory of the garden.

    Rudyard Kipling.

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    lottie dolly's Avatar
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    Feb 2008
    north leicester


    Good afternoon,oh dear Nicos,what an adventure,poor dog hope it was ok,not long up again,i am convinced we are in semi hibernation,dinner was beautiful last night,yay i can still cook,i feel so lazy,must be catching up on the last few weeks,new mattresses are wonderful,we both sleeping better,and i on hand if needed,still waiting for the correct bases,anyway,life goes on,have a good day all & Bgood2yrselves,
    Last edited by lottie dolly; 27-12-2018 at 01:17 PM.
    Another nutter ,wife,mother, nan and nanan,love my growing places,seed collection and sharing,also one of these

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    Aberdeenplotter is offline Gardening Guru
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    Jan 2009
    Mid Aberdeenshire


    Afternoon all. Would have been on this morning but that was too early . Not that I've been lazy mind. I've been outside working and fed the birds too . I'll be doing a pot of vegetable soup shortly and then roasting a couple of pheasants for supper. Was gifted the birds by a gamekeeper friend who was visiting my auntie at the same time as us. Never cooked them befpre but a recipe downloaded. If I remember, I'll report back .
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