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Thread: Are humans designed to eat meat or not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaunbrook View Post
    working as a chef all my work mates laugh when I suggest a veggie dish for the days specials Thanks to everyone's replies any way guys.
    Specials are usually more expensive, yeah?

    People who don't eat meat or who want a lighter 'special' have bank accounts and income these days too. So for the enjoyment of a hearty belly laugh they are missing out on profit. More fool them.

    We eat out at places that provide good quality veggie meals, non of this 'vegetarians catered for' nonsense. If you want my money, that I've worked hard for, then why should I be grudgingly be offered the contents of the back of the fridge? Luckily, where we live, there are plenty of places who offer good non-meat based food.

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    Modern humans have evolved to be completely different to the kind of hominids that were around before fire and tools - you just shouldn't compare the two
    You're quite right Thelma, but in biology we are always betrayed by our origins. I think of us as a work in progress...not completely different yet.

    it was faaaaaaaaarrrrrr toooooooo looooonnnnnggggg a post
    Yes, sorry, but I've been reading about this topic in Scientific American etc for over twenty years, and no-one - no-one - has ever talked to me about it. ( I wonder why ever not ? ) So youse lot were getting both barrels before the ammo was past its best-by date !
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    There's no point reading history if you don't use the lessons it teaches.

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    I was a veggie for a few years, including the ones when I was in UK. Meat was too expensive so it worked for me!
    When I came home it was quite hard for a while as I kept forgetting to tell people I was vegetarian and they would get stressed. Since it was my fault I was happy just to skip the meat part of the meal.
    My brother was funny tho, knew I was a veggie but asked me if I wanted a steak for dinner......ah no I don't eat meat............No, but this is STEAK!

    When I moved in with the ex I eventually started eating some meat as I was too lazy to make other meals.
    Now I eat meat, of all sorts. But eat huge amounts of vege's. Fruit is very expensive in this area so we found that hard when we first moved here. I do often cook vege meals tho as the kids all love them (altho they like meat too) and we have some community members who are veggie's and if I'm taking a plate, I always make sure it's a vege one.
    So I'm on the fence too.
    All I can say is TG wine is made from vegetables and fruits. And I'm found out how many vege's and fruits it's made from on this site

    My blog:

    Some days it's hardly worth chewing through the restraints!

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    I'd love to stop eating meat - but it's SOOOOOOOOO tasty .
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    There comes a point in your life when you realize who matters, who never did, who won't anymore and who always will. Don't worry about people from your past, there's a reason why they didn't make it in your future.

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    I eat meat but not in huge quantities or every day. Same goes for fish. Made a curry earlier which contained one chicken breast but with the addition of onions, chard and chickpeas it'll feed me and OH for 4 meals so not a huge meat content. Other times I'll make something similar without any meat at all. Personally I think that for most of us our bodies are well equipped to cope with most things but problems do start to occur if you eat too much of something or eat too much rubbish. I know that if I eat too much processed food then I feel rubbish and have no energy, too much fat makes my stomach explode and too much meat for me is rather boring. A wide range of different veggies on my plate means I get lots of different textures and tastes and I'm very happy - especially if I've grown them so they're free . It does annoy me that so many restaurants think that two rings of carrots is an acceptable vegetable side dish but I avoid places like that - don't think most cookery programmes help with this either, vegetables hardly exist there.

    Some of us live in the past, always talking about back then. Some of us live in the future, always planning what we are going to do. And, then there are those, who neither look behind or ahead, but just enjoy the moment of right now.

    Which one are you and is it how you want to be?

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    We don't eat much meat. I'll add bits of pancetta or chorizo to various things, maybe two or three times a week. We'll eat meat-free the rest of the week (paneer and vegetable balti is a big favourite at the moment), save for one night (usually the weekend) when I'll cook with meat, usually something slow-cooked, such as daube or ragu. If we cook Sunday dinner at the lottie (which is pretty frequent) we'll have sausages and halloumi. Only ever buy free range, organic, preferably local meat. We have an excellent farm shop nearby so not difficult to buy decent stuff. I'd rather eat the contents of a growbag than a supermarket 'value' chicken.
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