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Thread: Are humans designed to eat meat or not?

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    Since I've been growing my own veg we've been eating a lot less meat, have others found the same thing ?
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    Yea growing your own does help me to eat more veg! I went 77 days been a veggie and as Chris said I felt awesome! My body lost fat not muscle! And I wasn't getting and coughs or colds! I'm not pushing been a veggie on anyone but the facts do sway in favour of been a veggie! I've already started with a tender stem broccoli and asparagus pesto pasta today I had this discussion with my friends and the were like veggie are yours! Hah no meat no eat they said and also with growing my own I feel more adventurous in what I'm cooking now!

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    Do egg & chip butties count as being veggie.........if so, count me in........
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    If I could grow my own meat, know how it lived and died, I'd eat a lot more.
    At the moment its once a week, twice at most.
    I was a veggie for a long time, vegan for a while, but don't object to the concept of eating meat just many of the methods by which it gets to the plate. Like many, I expect.

    I understand we have evolved to be omnivorous, like many apes. Anyone remember that footage of chimps hunting down, killing and eating monkeys?
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    with such a glut of courgettes on the plot this year many of our meals are predominately veggie ! I was properly vegetarian for many years but then introduced fish and then met my partner who is such a huge Sunday roast fan its unbelieveable! I find the use of meat substitutes (like quorn mince) will go so far to as make meals "acceptable" to meateaters and veggies alike - last nights keema (quorn mince) stuffed courgette hit the spot also meant I could use the day's harvest of spuds, green beans and of course courgettes (not forgetting the homegrown onions, chillis and garlic from the store). Also made it spicy for an excuse to make raita to get through another of the bountiful cucumbers! sometimes you just need a little more imagination for vegetarian meals (or draw from other cultures where its the norm).
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    Yes as Pyreneesplot says we are omnivores. We have canine teeth of carnivores but also our jaw can move from side to side, a herbivore trait.

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    I remember seeing a programme a while ago - I think it was presented by Alice Roberts, that said the real revolution was fire as cooking makes it easier to digest meat protein which in turn caused humans to evolve bigger brains.

    It could be argued that we are more "designed" to eat meat than we are grains and other arable foods as agriculture came later than hunting and gathering and there is a theory that this is why so many people have IBS, gluten intolerence etc as we have only been eating grains for the last 10,000 or so years and haven't adapted yet.

    It's likely that even before the invention of hunting tools humans weren't averse to eating a bit of carrion if they came across it, like gorillas and chimpanzees (and, oddly, Pandas) do today.

    I personally, eat a bit of everything.
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    I haven't eaten dead furry or feathered animals for 25 years but I do eat fish still - so I''m a pesky pescatorian. I eat this way because it feels right to me but I wouldn't preach my reasons to you Shaun or anyone else. You have to make up your own mind on this. 77 days of not eating meat is a start but can you live with out it permanently? Tell me again in the new year whether you're eating meat or not.
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