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Thread: Finding a slug on my foot in the middle of the night, aaaah

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    match is offline Germinator
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    Feb 2019
    southern Scotland


    Quite often find dead, slightly dessicated sticky slugs stuck to the side of one of our cats... she likes to go sleep in damp corners of the garden, and presumably squashes and dehydrates them.

    Don't mind her killing them off this way - just wish she wouldn't rub up against my face with them stuck on her first thing in the morning!

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    Apr 2018
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    Not pleasant! On your foot eek.

    I have two cats, and they have been known to bring slugs into the house on their fur, presumably from pushing through undergrowth in the garden. I find that slugs don't fare well on duvet covers, dries them out....not pleasant for them or me ...but more for them.

    On two occasions recently I have found very large leopard slugs in the kitchen (one on the worktop, yeuch) and I'm trying to work out whether they have come in on produce (possibly), or is there a sluggy access route in somehow. I really, really hope not!
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    Apr 2018


    not for the faint hearted

    wishing you no more crickets in ears

    Quote Originally Posted by Baldy View Post
    This was me last summer - crickets eh!
    Reading this in bed has made me double check for hydrated and dehydrated slugs in my bed, the neighbours cats when they wanders over, my hair, boots and access roots, they are always near the windows and doors.

    It's almost made me forget about the mouse
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