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Thread: Tomato Cages

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    Default Tomato Cages

    My tomatoes are falling all over the place and can't cope with the weight of the fruits. I must admit I'm not that great at staking them because I only have flimsy canes that are not secured properly into the ground or on the greenhouse.

    On the weekend I managed to tie them all back, so at least I can get into the greenhouse, but in doing so I have damaged the plants and lost a dozen or so tomatoes.

    I've decided next year I will not make the same errors I made this year, the previous year, the year before that and so on....

    After a little digging around on the web, I've decided to make/buy some tomato cages for the greenhouse. My main priority is to make/buy them for as cheap as possible, but for them to be sturdy and durable (I don't want a lot really!!)

    My thought was to buy some metal tubing and make a triangular structure about 1.2m high. As long as I can ensure it is secure in the ground, I can then use string around the structure to support the tomatoes as they grow.

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    Has anyone had the same problems? Is this the best and most cost effective way of sorting the problem? I'd love to hear any advice on how to source materials or any alternatives!

    Thanks all!!

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    Have a read at this thread it might give you some ideas :-

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    You sound like me. Our plants are bending and leaning all over the place under the weight of all these funny looking round fruit like things, which vary in shape size and colour. It's very strange Seriously, I've done a shoddy job of staking them cos they've never been this prolific, ever. I've had to add extra canes and it looks a bit of a mess. Tomato cages sound like a good idea.

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    I have been growing tomatoes for the past 6 months and I have been using tomato cages too. I do not need to prune my tomatoes so it saves me a bit more time to do other things. I find it really effective.

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    Hi. Never bothered with cages. But in my greenhouse I have attached b&q copper pipe holders to the roof and fed canes through them and bent them down off the glass, then put a cane into the soil and cable tidied the top to the roof cane. Worked for years.

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    Lots of americans seem to use cages, but they're just circular arrangements of wire mesh.
    No reason why you can't do the same.....

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