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Thread: hot bins, anyone got one? I want santa to bring me one.....

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    Default hotbins, advice please :)

    Hey guys, I'm after a hot bin, we go through so much kitchen waste etc that I have 4 compost bins on the go atm.
    So I thought Id get a hotbin that will produce compost a lot quicker, which would you recommend?

    Please leave links if possible
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    I thought there was only one Hotbin? HotBin Compost Bins | Compost Garden & All Food Waste
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    At £185 a bin plus delivery I think I'll stick with the free Daleks off Freecycle and wait a little longer for my compost.
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    If you had the room, you can't beat chooks for producing fast compost.
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    I have a Hotbin - it does produce compost faster, but only if you get the balance of stuff right and keep it full so the core temperature stays high. Which I do struggle with.

    The compost if produces is wetter and a bit more clumpy than the compost from my daleks. Still full of red worms somehow.

    I didn't pay for mine though, I was incredibly lucky and got one that someone wanted rid of. I don't think I'd shell out for the thing otherwise. Wrapping daleks in carpet is one way I've seen of keeping the warmth in there in winter.
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