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    Hello All, new to this forum and new to gardening actually. Listening to gardeners question time catch up on BBC app while working has really got me wanting to grow grape vines. Just bought my first two vines that came yesterday 1 x Boskoop Glory small one and the larger one is Phoenix. Been doing a lot of reading but cannot find a definite answer. So my question is: Should I repot them in bigger containers about 15-20L right away and keep them outside through winter (will be container grown vines) or should I leave them in the containers and soil that they came with and replant them in the spring? Just not to sure the little one will be ok with me replanting now? The big one is presently in a 3L pot and small one in a 2L pot.
    Any advice will be appreciated.

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    Replant now.
    Grape sap starts rising early, usually late January, and any cuts or damage done after that will bleed, and obviously there is always a risk of broken roots or even branches during repotting, so it's better done before that.
    Also, although grapes are fairly hardy, they will struggle to withstand having their whole rootball frozen. This is much more likely to happen in a small pot, whereas in a large pot the rest of the soil insulates the roots.

    Also, personally I would just plant the grapes straight into their final container, rather than putting them in a medium container now and then repotting them over the years. It's better not to disturb them too much.
    And be sure to use a soil-based potting mixture


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      The grape vines I have are planted in the ground. I plant them outside but near a poly tunnel so the roots will get rain water. Then thread the rod in through a hole, so that the grape growth will be warmer and drier than they would be out in the open.

      Obviously if you do not have a garden in which to plant or are going to be moving house in the next few years, containers would be the best way forward for you.

      One thing to bear in mind for anyone wondering whether to plant a grape in the open ground or not, is that grape vines are one of the easiest plants to propagate from cuttings. So if I had a new vine and was planning to move house in say 5 years, I would still plant it in the garden, not a container. Then propagate a few new vines to take with me, and leave the established one as a present for the next occupiers of your old place.

      If anyone doubts how big a vine will grow, if it has the chance to really get its roots down in the soil, have a read of this :-

      "The Great Vine, Vitis vinifera 'Schiava Grossa' (synonym: Black Hamburg), is now 250 years old and is the largest grape vine in the world. It was planted in 1768 while Lancelot 'Capability' Brown was in charge of the gardens at Hampton Court."


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        Brilliant thanks for replies, I’ll just wait a week or 2 more and rather get a half barrel then plant them. John Innes No3 is what I’ll be using
        Lucky I asked as I was going to wait till spring..
        heard about that Great vine too on gardeners question time. Insane vine.. would love a vine of that size and age, nice read thank you.
        looking forward to seeing these vine grow...
        many thanks


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          You are very welcome. Good luck with the grape growing and Happy Gardening Nick


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