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Green house upper door runner


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  • Green house upper door runner

    Hi all,

    Im looking for some help to find an aluminium extrusion for my green house. It the top door runner that allows the door to open and close

    My kids bent it in the winter so Im unable to open or shut the door due to the kink.

    Tried everywhere online to buy a replacement without success...does anybody know of a web site to get a replacement or even an alternate solution

    Much appreciated

    kind regards

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    Hello Paul try posting on Grape recommendations thread or even the chat back thread you will get a better response on there and other than trying the manufacturer I don't know any other Web site
    it may be a struggle to reach the top, but once your over the hill your problems start.

    Member of the Nutters Club but I think I am just there to make up the numbers


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      Assuming the top runner is just bent not broken or fractured, I'd take it off and try to straighten it (take the door off first obviously)

      Pair of leather gloves, gas blowlamp of the type plumbers use and for preference a vice to hold one end. Don't try to get the runner very hot to start with just heated up to try to get it soft enough to bend - if you get it too hot you could semi melt it. Don't hit it with a steel hammer use a wooden one or a wood block.


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