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  • Garlic saving

    We have had to move so dug up our large plot of garlic that has sprouted and had good root system. However, we don't have a new bed ready. Can we put the bulbs in cold storage? Or do something so they can be replanted in the fall ?
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    Hello and welcome, Benjec.

    I've never had to deal with this situation, but seeing as no-one with experience has replied, I'll add my penny's-worth: once they've sprouted and put out roots, they'll rot between now and the autumn. Your best bet is to bung them in somewhere, anywhere, if you want a harvest. If they've made a small new bulb, you could use them as they are as what I think is called "wet garlic" in the UK. Here we call it 'ajos tiernos' (tender garlic).
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      Hello & welcome I grew some garlic in a potato bag once,the cloves were smaller (I might’ve planted them too close) but usable with good flavour,could you plant them in some containers?


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