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  • Growing in bulk

    Hi all,

    I'm pleased to say that growing has really taken off at my school and the Gardening Club is at the forefront of a lot of it! They now are responsible for supplying produce for the kitchen ( whatever is ready!), the gardening summer fete stall as well as for whole school cooking! Thing is, I am not so sure about quantities and have never sown, grown in bulk before. Has anyone got any guidance please!

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    Well done Raine.
    I've no idea about growing in bulk but I'd grow whatever the children like to grow and pick. - and that's not in season when they're on holiday in the summer!


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      The garden clubs been going for a number of years so the tried and tested veg are the usual suspects but it's definitely the amounts that I am unsure of! Last year I left a lot of tomato plants in over the summer holidays ( the children grow their own inputs and take them home) and, despite the weather, we had loads for September!


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