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  • What kind of compost

    While champing at the bit for the next growing season to start I was wondering,
    What multi purpose compost would you recommend for next year.
    is it a peat free compost if so what kind and used for what?
    Do you think peat free are as good as peat based composts?
    do you consider bought compost good value, or would you rather make your own?
    I personally would rather make my own but then thats because Im miserable.
    it may be a struggle to reach the top, but once your over the hill your problems start.

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    Not miserable - but miserly
    I'd like to make all my own, but don't. Just haven't cracked the bulk compost making technique
    I buy peat-free and whatever is on special offer. They all seem much the same to me - and there seems to be little consistency from year to year. Good one year, poor the next.
    Its a lottery


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      With John Innes Compost it is made to a standard recipe so you know what your getting. There is no quality standard for general purpose compost, seems that it contains what is cheap and available at the time of manufacture, variable from year to year, and going for a recognisable brand name doesn't guarantee a quality product.
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        Don't buy too much... use homemade or John Innes for potting on mainly...
        I dream of a better tomorrow, where chickens can cross the road and not be questioned about their motives....

        ...utterly nutterly


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          Here in South Africa you do not get John Innes compost at all.
          There are several types of compost available on the market. Most commercial types are too coarse to my liking. I am scared that it will rob the soil while breaking down. Some types also contain weed seeds. You will never know.

          The cleanest type is mushroom compost. Generally it is everywhere made to the same standard and clean of weed seeds. A bit high ph and not so rich as proper made compost, but if you buy, this is the way to go in my humble opinion.

          I mix my own soil mixtures for container veggies as well as my raised beds. I am using 2 parts compost/manure and 1 part soil. I get excellent results and very good water retension in our hot climate.



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