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Best way to store compost indoors


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  • Best way to store compost indoors

    I have a little indoor greenhouse and so, so many pot plants. With that, I have (or will, when I get my hands on a bag of John Innes No.2 for more of my seedlings grrr) two bags of compost that I normally store under the sink in their original bags along with the zillions of plant pots that seem to breed under there.

    What is the best way to store compost indoors? Keep it in the original bag and maybe a small clip tub to keep beasties out even more? Pour into a sealed tub? I just want to keep it nice and tidy under there!

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    If it was me I'd just fasten the top of the bag to stop the compost from drying out, thats what I do to mine I have in the GH.


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      I've always struggled with storing compost indoors. It either drys right out and becomes a really fine powder or end up with a menagerie deciding to take up[ squatting in the bag.
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        My bag of composts in the kitchen with the top rolled & pegged closed (if there’s less in the bag I tie with string). It only dries out when I leave some on the potting tray exposed to the air,so I don’t do that I put it back in the bag & it’s fine,never had a beastie in there


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          I think I would aspire to have it in a tidy box (box handy as one could store pots on top), but in reality just twist the top of the bag...
          Could these camel clips be a useful way of keeping them sealed so no creatures get in or out and keep it from spilling?

          They are sold out here, but somewhere will still have them.


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            ^^^wow!...that’s a new one on my!...but like kitchenware for Giants!!!! Brill idea

            I used to use giant bulldog clips but they went rusty.
            If you are trying to cut back on buying more plastic though....
            I did spot these and being stainless steal they wouldn’t rust

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              Originally posted by Right Shed Fred View Post
              They are sold out here, but somewhere will still have them.
              They do look handy


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