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  • Wormary without juice

    When I first started my wormary I was told to avoid getting any "juice" as this would mean I would be losing some nutrients from my compost, and if there was any liquid I should add cardboard to absorb it, and the same if the wormary compost felt too wet, I have never managed to achieve this but wondered if anyone has
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    I think the only way this might be possible in a closed plastic wormery, is if you blended anything you wanted to add and then drained it through cheesecloth or something to get as much of the water out as you could. I chop scraps small and then freeze them, defrosting them again the night before they go in the bin. I drain off any free liquid before adding the scraps to the bin, but they inevitably release more as they break down further over the next few days. In a plastic bin, even with plenty of paper, that fluid is going to accumulate.

    I've seen people online with wooden bins, where any excess liquid leaches into the wood and then evaporates. I've also seen people keep uncovered plastic bins in hot climates, and again, no wet-bin problems there.

    I do get frustrated that my wormery tap gets blocked, so it doesn't always drain the leachate very effectively. I therefore have to scoop stuff out of the stump every couple of weeks, to stop it getting clogged. I am thinking about trying to add some kind of simple filter to stop the tap getting blocked though. If the tap always worked as it should, it would be much easier to control the moisture level in the bin.


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      The juice is an excellent fertilizer, dilute it and feed as a super fertilizer. The castings will still be very fertile. Just make sure the liquid doesn't accumulate too deep so any stray worms drown in it with no way to escape. I have a couple of crumpled flower pots placed like islands in the bottom of my make shift plastic tub in a tub worm farm. I feed a fair amount of fruit to my worms as they have a sweet tooth!


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        this seems a rather expensive kit to buy and the vid has the normaly over enhtusiastic american in it but its pretty interesting and i think you could convert a wheelie bin into one of these systems without to much trouble

        the funnel shape at the bottom is the key to stop the kit getting floaded with water at the bottom
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