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  • No ladybirds

    Hope this is the correct section. Early on in the summer we had plenty of ladybirds but now not a single one to be seen. Is this the same everywhere?
    last year there were loads - adults and whatever you call them before adults!
    Now we have blackfly in abundance decimating the runner beans and one particular clematis. The other clematis has runner beans right next to it and through it but black fly don't like that one.


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    Ladybirds have a life cycle like butterflies - egg, larva, pupa, adult, so by this time of year the spring-time adults have died off and the majority of this year's larvae are pupating. They'll emerge next month as adults, but won't breed till next spring.
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      Thanks mothhawk. Hope they hurry up and get over to my runner beans....I still think there's not many about but guess they're entitled to have an off year.


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        I’ve only see a few ladybirds this year. A lot less than usual.

        Interesting info MH - thanks
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          I think they might all be on our allotment.. they're even biting us..
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            I havnt seen one ladybird this year.
            Definitely less of them around.

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              I’ve seen 3 in my garden earlier think that’s my first sighting of them.
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