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    I found a buff tailed bumble bee in our lounge this afternoon.
    When I tried to pick it up it lay on its side and waggled its top leg like a dog lifting its leg for a tummy rub.
    I imagine it might actually been trying to scare me?

    So, I mixed sugar and water on a plate and placed it right next to the liquid. Even whilst lying on its side it started drinking - so I left it to in the shade for a while and eventually it flew off!
    I’m sooooo pleased I saved it’s life - it could hardly walk when I first picked it up.

    It did make me think though….there can’t be much water lying around for wildlife- so I topped up the bird bath and left a bowl of water in the field.
    Us anyone else leaving water out for wild mammals as well as the birds?
    I read that butterflies love to land on pebbles in a shallow dish topped up with water. I think that might well be my tomorrow job. Can
    anyone advise further?…should I add sugar?
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      I always have water out in a large but shallow plant pot saucer. I put stones in it at the side in case smaller birds need somewhere to help get them out if it’s too deep for them. Everything uses it from sparrows to wood pigeons to Spike the hedgehog and his Mrs. I’m always topping it up. Don’t think I’d put sugar in it though…birds bathe in it so it would be to sticky for that I would think.


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        I have a wild life pond at the plot. The bees are free to drink from it.
        Near Worksop on heavy clay soil


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