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  • Going rate for mud?

    How much can I charge per beakfull of "mud" ?
    It would seem to be prime quality blackbird nest building mud.

    I spent 2 days pottering around the garden and being visited by a blackbird collecting construction material from 2 water logged containers. Slightly amazed by quite how much the creature has managed to remove.

    About every 2 - 3 minutes it returned to select another beakfull, flew off at high speed, then returned. Perched in tree next to me. Has a look to be sure I wasn't going to dispute ownership of mud, and goes to collect another load.

    Now need to add compost to one container.

    So what do I charge the little feathered fiend ?

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    Ha! lovely.
    How about asking him for a photo
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      When it is very dry I put and old dustbin lid full of mud out for the swallows. Just need to keep it moist.
      Gardening requires a lot of water - most of it in the form of perspiration. Lou Erickson, critic and poet


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