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Home made bird feeders .


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  • Home made bird feeders .

    I have been sorting out my wood store in my garden shed over the past to days and came across some off cuts of 4in x 2in sparing 6in to 1ft long .
    When i was last in garden centre i looked around at different bird feeders as we have always had them in our garden .
    The ones that caught my eye were the hanging feeders what you push suit logs into with a little perch under the hole with the suit in for birds to feed from these were priced anything from 5.00 for a one port feeder to 10.00 + for a multi port feeder .
    This afternoon i have spent no more than 2 hours using the off cut wood with small lengths of thin dowel i had knocking about and now have a selection these type of feeders from 1 port up to 4 port feeders now hanging over my garden .
    The method to make these feeders could not be easier get your wood put it in a vice or secure it drill with a thin wood bit around 2in from the top in the centre of the wider side a pilot whole all thee way through then get a 1in spade bit and drill through the pilot hole until it is out if the other side there you have your suet log port about half a in or so underneath the large hole use a thin wood bit so all the way through insert the dowel fill up the port with seeds currents dried meal worms mixed in melted suit leave to harden hang up and you have made a feeder that would have cost you around 5 pound for basically nothing . To hang in the garden tap 2 two inch nails either side of the widest part attach to your chosen tree or other spot with garden wire and the birds will lap this up my favorate place to hang is on the washing line on a area of the line we do not use much .
    You are only limited by the length of wood and its weight as to how many ports you dill into the feeder i have made one to day with 6 ports evenly spaced down the wood if you do this it is a good idea to drill the pots on alternate sides as you work your way up to make room for more birds to feed at the same time .

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    Hi Ivanhoe -interesting stuff. Would be good to see a few photos of your handiwork if that’s possible.


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      They will make very nice gifts for people
      sigpicAnother nutter ,wife,mother, nan and nanan,love my growing places,seed collection and sharing,also one of these


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        If you really want to there is a book called "Bird Boxes and Feeders".
        Gives several designs for homemade ones.

        My "standard" one is a slight variation on one from that book.


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