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  • damian1225
    I only remove any damaged foliage and let them grow naturally, I feed mine once a fortnight and then when flowering/fruiting I go to once a week, you can either use a weak tomato feed or a specialist chilli feed its upto you.. this year im using this
    Pepper Feed with Added Nano Nutrients

    but there is also Chilli focus that you can buy off ebay.

    Some people do take out and clip the plants as it encourages bushing up and more foliage you can see vids on youtube, but I find natural with the amount of plants I have sees me with a massive excess of chillies so I try and aim for quality not quantity
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  • Dynamite
    started a topic Chilli Care - First Time Grower

    Chilli Care - First Time Grower

    Hi Everyone, I have grown two Chilli plants from seed this year. The variety is "Padron". They are now roughly 12 inch tall.

    What I want to know is do they now need any special care such as things nipping out or feeding etc?

    Kind Regards..........Rob

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