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  • Weeding

    Hi Guys,

    I hate weeding as I have a bad back due to kidney problems when I was younger and spending a while pulling weeds seems to set it off. Just noticed the vid on the homepage and wondered has anyone tried the new roundup and does it work? I do not want to fork out for it only to find it not effective particularly if I did a big area.

    Otherwise what tips do you guys have to make weeding easier? I was thinking of investing in one of the special tools but they cost alot and, being 24, I think I may look a little silly using it - vain I know but it is something I care about



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    Get yourself a good sharp long handled hoe. A very underated garden tool. Stand erect and cut the divils off at ground level. I wouldn't bother with new gadgets, I'd go for the tried and tested through years of use.

    They can be picked up at charity shops and jumble sales for 'not a lot'.

    Cheers, Tony.
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      Thanks for the tip Tony, I like the idea of 'not a lot'!


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        Mulching will help to suppress weeds.


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          Mulching. 6 weeks weed growth on both beds. Guess which one was mulched with grass clippings?

          I recommend cardboard weighed down with anything you can find. After a week or two or more - cut a hole in the cardboard and plant through.
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            i say get ya self a flame thrower my Step dad has one and it works on docks like a dream took them a year to show again and he just burnt them right off ... just dont do it near dry leaves.....soooo not a good idea ...Ooops
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              I totally agree with Kleftiwallah, little and often with the hoe.


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                My intentions have always been to have a regular hoe...time, so many times takes over and the weeds take over even more.

                This year, I plan on mulching as much as I can. I'm sure the odd weed or two...more than likely bloody thistles...will poke through, just hoping it will be more manageable, at the same time adding a little to the structure of the soil.
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                  Kinnell ZAZEN if I had weeds like that the allotment gestapo would be giving mea final notice


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                    Originally posted by PAULW View Post
                    Kinnell ZAZEN if I had weeds like that the allotment gestapo would be giving mea final notice
                    It was a new plot and covered in fat hen so every time you weeded or dug it over new seeds came to's not an allotment it's at a local amenity club but they let small plots to SEN we had dug it over and whoosh - the fat hen was up in no time. However mulching did the trick.


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