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Twisted onions?


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  • Twisted onions?

    I weeded my onions today and found that many of them were twisted/distorted and some of them had died altogether. Has anyone else had such a problem- been growing on my allotment for 20 years this year and never .seen anything like this

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    Jake's Mom, I'm afraid its allium leaf miner. They burrow into the onion. You may find white streaks along the green stems of the onion as well.
    As far as I know there is nothing to fight this.
    Some perps would suggest pulling them up.
    Growing them under mesh is the only deterrent.
    Allium leaf miner affects all members of the allium family.
    I hope this is helpful.

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      It could potentially also be onion eelworm.
      Check for the white streaks mentioned above, as well as larvae or pupae in the affected plants. If you find any of those, then it's leaf miner, as suggested above.
      If you find nothing they it may well be eelworm instead. Eelworms are microscopic, so you can only see the symptoms.


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        Thank you both for your help, I've given them a good drenching with seaweed solution this morning, I'll see if there is any improvement in some of them that don't seem to be affected but think I'll have to cut my losses and remove them all.


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