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  • Cherry tom glut

    I have a load of ripe mainly cherry sized tomatoes to use up. Mix of red cherry, gardeners delight and some green grape. I have been having lots of tomato heavy recipes this week and given some away but struggling to make a dent. Was thinking of maybe doing that recipe where you slice them then put them in the oven to dry and in a jar in the fridge but think it only keeps for a couple of weeks. Didn’t think that this type of tomato would lend itself to a tomato sauce that I could freeze, but would welcome ideas.

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    I slow roast mine in the oven. Small tomatoes I leave whole and just poke a little hole in them with a knife when I put them on the oven tray. I keep the oven really low and cook them for a couple of hours with basil and a sprinkle of oil. When I take the tray out of the oven I let it cool and then put it in the freezer as it is. When it's frozen I scrape the contents off it and store them in a freezer bag. In Winter I use them in all kinds of things.


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      I just put them straight in the freezer. I have a large bag already this season. We get them out about 2 hours before needed and either add them to recipes or roast for about 20 mins until mushy but still rounded, mushy being my favourite way of eating them.


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        I roast toms with herbs and then slip them out of their skins and freeze the sauce. You could do that with cherry toms too, though it's a bit more of a faff.

        I also freeze whole cherry toms raw and then bung them in traybakes or fish on papillote. The skin bursts very readily on thawing or cooking. Lovely burst of summer flavour in winter.
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          I roasted some Black Cherry toms yesterday, I cut them in half added a few minced garlic cloves and sprinkled oregano over lastly a drizzle of olive oil.

          Cooked them at 200c for 30 mins they shared the oven space with some fish.

          I put a single layer in take out tubs once they're frozen they're tipped into bags, that way its easy to remove a small quantity if you fancy some on your bacon sarnie.
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            I had the same problem until I found this recipe.
            Toss them in olive oil and then put the tomatoes on a tray and bake for about 30mins (180c) or until they burst and start to shrivel.
            Dice a large onion and put in a pan with some oil and cook until softened. Add about 1tblspn of minced garlic and cook for another couple of minutes. Add tomatoes, with any juice, stir well to combine and add any herbs you like. I use a handful of basil and the leaves of a couple sprigs of thyme. Simmer for about 20mins with a lid partially on, leave about a 1" gap. When cooked leave for about 10 mins to cool before blitzing. Lasts a week in the fridge or 3 - 6 months frozen


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              Another option is to boil them and bottle them with a few herbs in jars. You can use any old jars with a screw-top lid, which will make a seal.


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                Invest in a food mill.

                Every year I have a glut of cherry toms. I fill a large pan with them and add about an inch of water to prevent sticking.
                Boil for 20-30 mins till soft.
                Ladle into a food mill a few ladles at a time.
                The mill removes the skins and most the seeds.
                Results in a large pan of think tomato juice.

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                  Thanks for suggestions. I put them in the oven then in the freezer so we will see….


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                    Watched James Martin yesterday making a consommé and did the same wow. Ripe tomatoes in the processor with a small garlic clove and mall onion salt and black pepper. Process until liquid, pour into muslin in a colander over a bowl, cover and leave in fridge overnight. Important not to press just let it drip overnight. Tasted the clear liquid this morning and the taste of tomato is intense. Will freeze into ice cubes and use when a massive hit of tomato is required. The solids left over and also be used. I will freeze mine for soup or Spaghetti sauce.



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                      Just a heads up!…don’t forget to post piccies of your produce in our competition - even if you don’t think you’ll win. - it’s great seeing what others have managed to produce!

                      Tomatoes on or off the Vine…

                      Plate of food using your tomatoes….

                      Your preserved tomatoes in any form…..

                      Keep ‘em coming!

                      * other classes are available for other produce

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