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Has anyone ordered from this website?


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  • Has anyone ordered from this website?

    Evening All

    I came across this website today when I searched on google, and it was a link from a paid ad. Just wondered if anyone had ordered from it before, was only going to spend a few pounds but I can't find any reviews anywhere (good or bad).

    thanks in advance

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    They look new. Certainly, I'd never seen them before.
    They don't have much of a selection, though. There are a lot of cheap seeds sites, like Premier Seeds, Seekay Seeds, and Moreveg (the last does small packets at around 50p each) to name but a few, so you may be best ordering from one of those, who are fairly reputable and actually have a fairly decent selection.


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      I was open to any seed source when I first started out, I never really gave it much thought. Even buying from random sellers on certain online market places.

      The main learning I took from all of it was the germination rate is quite often pretty poor with the "unknown" sellers (old seed perhaps? incorrect storage?). I remember in an early year of my growing escapades, I planted 30 "Turks Turban" Squash seeds that arrived in a handwritten sandwich bag. I think I had 2 seeds actually germinate and one of those turned out to be a "Jack be little" pumpkin and not a "Turks Turban" Squash!

      There are some really good reputable seed companies (real seeds, plants of distinction to name but two of my current haunts!) that I personally have had high levels of success with.

      I know every company has to start somewhere and especially in this current climate we should support the little vendors as much (if not more) as the large ones but having been bitten before, I would be a little hesitant.
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        I haven’t heard of bargain seeds before,I wonder if it’s real or not,there’s a couple of things that make me think it’s not real. Ameno has good opinion also garden centres have cheap seeds soon,end of season offers. GC near us have their onions & garlic in now for autumn planting,it’s nice seeing the growth in the winter.


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            I have over the years tried to save money by trying different seed suppliers, can't say I have ever found a really good alternative to the "larger" suppliers, seed need to be looked after and you may end up with poorer germination or lower crops. I use specialist suppliers for some seeds and also like to try some unusual crops that the "major" suppliers don't sell. Gardening is a bit of a lottery really, seed is only part of the chain to getting a crop you are happy with.
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              Just to let you know my seeds turned up yesterday morning, with a free pack as well actually, so no compaints so far..........


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                I just stick to well known brands as if a problem comes up it is on the late side to try again.
                Use Plant World seeds which I was told about on here. Very good for unusual seeds and good service.


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