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  • Rhubarb leaves

    Hi everybody I've just planted some rhubarb about a month ago and they are shooting up but are very thin and the leaves are so big they are bending all the rhubarb stalks to the ground should I trim the leaves off a bit to make it not too heavy
    Thanks very much
    Or also there is something eating the leaves of a night-time any idea how to stop that

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    So if its been planted recently it is going to be quite fragile and need some tlc (something that in the future depending on where you are and where it's planted it may not need). The plant is trying to bulk up and become strong so my opinion is do not trim the leaves as it requires them to gain energy. It may need a good drink. Rhubarb is a thirsty plant and can take a lot of water. It likes a good supply of water but not to be water logged in my experience. I'd keep it well watered for the rest of this year and then give it some good well rotted manure (a good amount but not directly on the crown) when it has died back to feed it up for next year. If it doesn't romp away next year and still looks quite spindly I'd be inclined to do the same again and not pick next year either, don't want to risk killing it off
    Hope that helps


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      As Jimny14 said the plant is just trying to get established - it needs any manure you can spare, regular watering in dry weather and if the leaves are a bit floppy stick some prunings from a shrub or the hedge in around them to give support.

      Once it gets going it will be more or less problem free.


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        ^^^ yep...
        1574 gin and tonics please Monica, large ones.


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          Hello and welcome to the vine Spanishmeg

          Follow Jimny14's advice and next year you'll have a good crop of rhubarb.


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            I have a few questions...actually many questions...

            1. Where do you live?
            2. What variety of rhubarb is it?
            3. Is it in full sun, shade / partial shade?
            4. Is it planted next to something like a hedge that will compete heavily for water?
            5. When you planted it did you add any compost / manure to the hole?
            6. How big is it?
            7. Did you plant it with the top of the crown slightly higher than the soil level? They like a drink as has been said, but if you plant them too low they can get soggy and rot.

            You asked two questions:

            1. Should I trim the leaves to reduce weight?
            2. How do I stop things eating the leaves?

            Question 2 takes care of question 1. Whatever's eating it is helping.

            Seriously though, you won't lose much and it shouldn't affect the plant unless it's being chewed to the stalk.

            None of the above is desperately important really. Rhubarb is pretty tough and will probably cope, but there might be something to think about there. Welcome to the forum.
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