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Cuttings swap - 2018/2019


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  • Cuttings swap - 2018/2019

    Anyone interested in swapping cuttings of herbs, flowering plants or shrubs?
    Freshly taken cuttings or with roots.

    Usual Forum rules apply - to participate you must have been a member for 3 months and have made 50 posts.

    This would be a swap between individuals and need to be arranged between you both, as would the postage costs.
    No Mods will be involved in sorting out disputes.
    No begging letters if you have nothing to offer in exchange.

    List what you can offer and see if it appeals to anyone else. List your Wants too and see if anyone can oblige!!

    This is a trial, if it doesn't work, it'll be scrapped.

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    I'll start you off:-

    I can take cuttings of:-
    Basil mint.
    Skopelos mint (which came from the Greek island of Skopelos and is a perfumey mint)
    Apple mint
    Variegated Weigela

    and would like to swap for herbs and anything "smelly".


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      How do you package and post cuttings so they are not squashed in the post?
      Endless wonder.


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        Plastic takeaway boxes or a cardboard box that come into the Large letter size for thickness.
        That's what I use when there's no soil involved. Wrap the stems/roots in damp kitchen roll and cling film/plastic bag.
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          Oh right. I've never had a takeaway, so I'd have to have a scrounge round and see what I could use. TBH not really sure it's worth the effort as I find public parks a great place for cuttings
          Endless wonder.


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            Believe it or not, I've never taken a cutting from a park or anyone's garden without asking first.
            I was chased by the Parkie too many times as a kid for hiding in the bushes.


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              If there is a groundsman/park gardener, I ask, otherwise I take. I have never taken from anyone's garden or from private gardens open to the paying public, but I see council run parks as fair game. Sadly more and more of these are ripping out shrubberies and beds and replacing them with grass or bmx tracks as they can't afford the staff to maintain them.
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              Endless wonder.


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                My Rosemary came from bits pinched off the bushes growing in front of the town hall carpark lol and that made me feel guilty enough


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                  My gran used to walk around with a long dogs lead despite the fact she didn't have a dog.

                  She could lasso a plant cutting from 3 yards away - which round hers was the length of most peoples front yard.
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                    Cuttings are on their way VC.
                    Let me know if hot & spicy oregano doesn't take. I'll try and get you a better one


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                      They've arrived Thank you, SP. Potted up already.
                      Mull must be just around the corner from sunshiny South Wales as the post is very fast.


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                        Look what I found today VC. The hot & spicy oregano is flowering. Never noticed flowers on it before. I didn't notice it flowering when I took the cutting .

                        Click image for larger version

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                          How beautiful! Its like a tiny orchid.


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                            What a great idea! I have taken a cutting this year in my local park, as I noticed the fantastic scent of a bush that is dotted about everywhere in the park. It's a mock orange, and it seems one of my cuttings have taken (I potted up the side shoots that I took off my cutting, but they died). Maybe next year I can send cuttings out to anyone who wants it!
                            I also have...
                            Rosemary - very, very hardy - it's survived a few harsh winters out there. Lovely flavour and nice gnarly stem now
                            Bay - but they're fresh cuttings, so maybe best next year.
                            Ivy, variegated
                            Virginia creeper


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                              I would love to swap if it would be mutually beneficial for anyone. And if they don't mind the possibility of my hapless gardening leading their cuttings to an unfortunate end.

                              I have
                              viburnum - evergreen with white flowers and blue berries/pods
                              spiraea - I believe it's called firelight. Red/orange new growth, green foliage in summer with pink flowers, reddish foliage again in autumn (deciduous)
                              holly - yellow/green variegated, evergreen. So far growing slowly and steadily in a somewhat cramped/shaded space.
                              yellow rose bushes - no idea the variety as they predate us (by quite a long way, I would guess). I think they're grafted on a rootstock and they're pretty happy growers. So, not sure if they might be overly vigorous from a cutting.

                              I would be interested in
                              evergreen shrub that grows relatively quickly that could be maintained around 1–2 m tall

                              Most of my knowledge of cuttings is based on internet searches. Feel free to let me know when you'd want the cutting taken and the type you prefer.


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