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  • The All In Seed Circle 2018

    Who would like to join in a 'all in' swap this year? Open to up to 20 members.
    Save seeds from at least 2 varieties of fruit,veg or herbs (not F1 or close offspring), bag them up at the end of the year (so if 20 members you'd need to send in 19 packets of each type of seed), post them to me with some stamps for return postage, and grow some new to you varieties next year in exchange.

    All seed families (except flowers) welcome regardless of specific circles. I realise there may actually be sane people on the vine who do not wish for 20+ varieties of tom or chilli (can't think why )

    Tips here for seed saving:

    Anyone interested?
    Closes to members on 31st October. Anyone who hasn't said what they have saved by 31st October will be removed from the list. Peeps must meet the vine swap rules by this date.

    1. Norfolkgrey - caffreys oats, sweetcorn and princes pride parsnip
    2. Veggiechicken - 9 Star perennial Broccoli/cauli, Armenian cue & Beth Alpha cue.
    3. Bario1 - perennial kale and chard
    4. Scarlet - Sweet Cicely, Welsh Onion
    5. Thelma Sanders - Hungarian Black Wax pepper
    6. Squingy -pennyroyal, callaloo and tom black cherry


    Self-contained - ?Hyssop, Garlic chives, Mustard - Red Giant, Summer savory,
    Planetologist - Landcress and leek
    Mistlepie - Mangetout Carouby de Maussane, Pea beans, Corriander, Dwarf French beans (sprite, I think) , Some tomatoes
    Seasprout - ?lettuce, ?pepper, ?pea, ?tom
    Snowwhyte - ?Walking stick kale, ?squash
    Deano -
    Cadalot - 2 types of tom

    Finished Parcel
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    Go on then!! Probably a kale, lovage and who knows what?


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      Me - me - me... I’ll join.
      Blogging at.....


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        Originally posted by Norfolkgrey View Post
        .......I realise there may actually be sane people on the vine who do not wish for 20+ varieties of tom .......-
        Why do chickens come to mind
        Sometimes you just have to scratch that itch and get dirt under your finger nails.


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          ..........Because chickens are sane???

          Thought not!!


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            I think I could join - just not sure what I'd do? I'll have a think.....


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              ..........Do I, Don't I! .............................
              "Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad"


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                Originally posted by Deano's "Diggin It" View Post
                Do I, Don't I! .............................
                I will make the decision for you. Yes you do or I will borrow one of VCs pointy sticks


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                  I'm Thinking (hopefully not Out Loud- thanks Ed! ) but I'm sure there will be something to send......
                  errrr don't know what right now though


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                    Originally posted by Deano's "Diggin It" View Post
                    ..........Do I, Don't I!
                    Originally posted by Norfolkgrey View Post
                    I will make the decision for you. Yes you do or I will borrow one of VCs pointy sticks
                    Take it I'm in then!

                    With what as yet I haven't a clue!
                    "Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad"


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                      Don't forget this is just one of the seed circles/ swaps being organised this year. Feel free to shout to join. member for 3 months and 50 posts by the close of the circle is all you need to join. We will happily help and support people before that though. So any questions just say, even if you think they are silly or basic. The more peeps the better


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                        Keeping in touch.

                        Iím going to try a heritage lettuce this year and save seed, it will be isolated, so hopefully it should work ok. Iím also growing some nice heritage peppers, again will be isolated, perhaps a fancy pea, and tomato....

                        Just hoping for a good growing season.
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                        Blogging at.....


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                          Count me in I will send in two varieties of tomatoes that will not be sent into the tomato seed circle from the following list

                          01 Bajaja
                          02 Balconi Red
                          03 Micro Tom
                          04 Minibel
                          05 Red Robin
                          06 Rosella
                          07 Sub Artic Plenty
                          08 Super Roma
                          09 Tiny Tim
                          . .......Man Vs Slug
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                            Novice gardener here, with no experience as yet of seed saving, but this sounds like it could be fun

                            I don't meet the member requirements yet, but expect to come October (I suspect I will have many newbie questions over the coming months, and that should boost my post numbers considerably!)

                            I've had a dig through my seed packets, and picked out anything that I think is a bit less commonplace. I will be growing in containers and they are all things I haven't grown before. I would be very grateful for some advice from more seasoned growers about which (if any) of these will readily go to seed and are likely to yield sufficient seed for a swap from just one or two containers (I will be growing all of these anyway, so I can always change what I offer to swap if something goes badly).

                            I have:
                            Garlic chives
                            Mustard - Red Giant
                            Summer savory
                            Perilla (red and green mix, so this may mean they cross and seed won't be reliable, right?)
                            Cornflower - Blue Boy (I know it's a flower, but it's edible, so I thought it might count like a salad?)
                            Leek - Blue de Solaise
                            Chicory - Red Treviso and Variegata di Castelfranco
                            Red Amaranth
                            Physalis (did grow these last year, but didn't get past seedling stage after the unfortunately hot sun-room event of 2017, but my leftover seeds have germinated so I'll give them another go)
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                              Self-contained most of what you have listed is fine. The exceptions are leek, they are biennial so won't flower till next year and cornflower, sorry I know it says all in but it is fruit, veg and herbs no flowers.

                              Mustard, kailaan and chicory - you should ignore plants that are quick to go to seed and select from later flowering plants. Although I can't see any cross pollination issues just be careful if you are growing anything similar which hasn't been mentioned.

                              Basic/ common/ mainstay varieties are perfectly welcome as long as they are self saved fresh seed. Although I think tom - moneymaker would be banned just about everywhere on this forum . We all love the unusual colours, shapes, flavours but there is a lot to be said for good old decades of tried and tested veg

                              Real seeds do a guide to seed saving which is worth a read How To Save Your Own Seed at Home Apart from that just ask a way

                              The red green perilla will cross. I would select one and remove the flowers asap off the other.
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