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The Pea and Bean Circle 2017


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  • The Pea and Bean Circle 2017

    Anyone is welcome to join, so long as you meet the vine rules by November.

    Save 2 varieties of either peas or beans (no F1's) with 10-15 seeds per pack. (Though happy to change it to one variety if there's any interest? )

    As I'm also running the Tom and chilli circles you can save on post and put all your saved seeds in one envelope

    Named varieties only please!

    No pressure, register your interest - and the varieties you fancy saving if you know what you are going to grow.

    Last years circle info with seed saving links can be found here:

    1. scarlet - Rattlesnake CFB's
    2. VC - wizard beans
    3. Jack - climbing borlotti
    4. Ryleh - Ying yang
    5. soladragon - meteor peas.
    6. NG -
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    Thanks Scarlet

    Hope to save Striped Bunch CFBs and Bijou Mangetout

    background for interest - no images
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      Im interested :P)

      blue lake and climbing borlotti best bet, borlotti are all for drying soo....

      also have " bought" dwarf bolltti i can send in as i wont be using if thats any good

      three circles Scarlett ?, busy times ahead, good on you
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        Officially registering interest.

        Hopefully CFB Blauhilde, Broad Bean Karmazyn, DFB Ying Yang or Pea Blauwshokker - depending what survives this wind!

        Do they need isolating?


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          Good luck on the ying yang Vix....they were a really poor cropper for me.

          I'll put you all down thank you.

          I've not long sown mine but I'm sure I'll get something!


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            Peas - are self pollinating as are French beans.
            French beans can cross although in my experience I haven't ever had a problem. Try not to grow the varieties too close and save the seeds from plants grown in the centre of your rows.

            Broad beans deffo need isolating, they will cross with varieties nearby. If you are growing in a garden and there's not anyone else growing beans around, cover a section with fleece and save seed from the beans in the centre of your block. Trees, fences built up garden areas etc will stop most of your problems. On an allotment they will be difficult to isolate.


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              Ying yang beans, are they also known as pea beans?, lovely looking bean are they.


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                Thanks Scarlet you little expert

                Will broad beans only cross with each other - or with other beans? I don't have any other broad beans, but they are next to my Ying Yangs

                Jack - I think so!


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                  Sadly the slugs got all my beans this year...

                  I have a nice patch of Pea 'Meteor growing that I can put in.
                  Winter is coming


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                    I think I might be out... my peas and beans have been abysmal this year


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                      Dunno what happened but my Basil just died from an army of slugs. Can only seem to grow the stuff indoors now.
                      Winter is coming


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                        Originally posted by soladragon View Post
                        Dunno what happened but my Basil just died from an army of slugs.
                        At a guess, the slugs killed it...............but that's just a wild guess


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                          Anymore for any more ?
                          dont make me buy the Pea/yingyang bean


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                            I will send some in when I send my parcel to Scarlet. I know I have district nurse. I will check with my Dad if he grew yin yang this year.
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                              Marvellous , many thanks indeed .


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