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***IMPORTANT*** Seed/Plant Swap Rules and General Guidance


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  • ***IMPORTANT*** Seed/Plant Swap Rules and General Guidance

    Hi swappers.

    As discussed and voted for by Grapes:
    Seed Swap Poll; rules for the Vine Grow Your Own - Growing, How To Grow Tomatoes Growing Fruit & Veg - Recipe Advice, Organic food Gardening, Chickens, Seeds for Sale

    Rules for Seed/Plant Swapping:

    All members requesting seeds/plants (for swap or for a SAE) should :

    have been members of the Vine for at least three months AND posted more than 50 posts during the last 3 months

    The member that has been on the Vine the longest is requested to wait until receiving the swap seeds/plants before sending theirs.

    All threads asking for seeds/plants without meeting the above will be deleted. Anyone asking for seeds/plants via Private Message without the above will be given an Infraction, and if reported again will be banned.

    Guidance for members offering seeds/plants

    If you receive requests for seeds/plants from members not meeting these criteria, you should direct the requesting member to this thread, and, forward the request to any of the Mods for further action.

    *further note - if you send an SAE - make sure you put a LARGE LETTER stamp on it; as due to Royal Mail changing their charging, normal snail mail stamps don't make it to the recipient.

    *All swappers will need to put their location into their profiles so that people know where they are sending their seeds/plants to, and where they are from when they arrive [postmark].

    Added 10th March 2010: Consistent reports of aggressive seed/plant begging by PM or seeds/plants never showing WILL result in a banning of a member. Forward PMs or details to Mods for an objective consideration of the situation. This isn't new, has always been the case but isn't in the guidance above so I just wanted to put it all in the same place. Cheers.
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