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  • Free seeds for a good home

    Hi all

    Anyone who read my previous post about seed addiction will know I can't resist collecting up the free ones with come with magazines.

    However, new year = fresh start, and all that.... I need to make some space in the seed box.

    I do not have 50 posts yet so am not allowed to swap, but that is OK: I have more than enough seeds to cope with this year anyway, so I am happy to just give these away to any of you who would like them. (Mods, I assume that is OK? Pls feel free to take the post down if not: I won't be offended).

    Pls let me know which seeds you want and PM me your address. First come, first served. I don't mind which ones you choose, but it would be easier for me if you 'order in bulk' so I don't have to send out lots and lots of separate little packages!

    I have as follows (all unopened except where stated):


    Lettuce 'little gem', sow by 2015
    2 x rocket, sow by 2015
    2 in 1 packet of tomato 'gardener's delight' and lettuce 'little gem', sow in 2013
    Tomato 'moneymaker', sow by 2014
    Tomato 'gardener's delight', sow by2015
    Tomato 'yellow stuffer', sow by 2014
    Tomato (plum), 'san marzano', opened - approx. 30 seeds left.
    Pepper, 'hot cayenne', sow by 2014
    Radish 'sparkler 3', sow by 2014

    Chives, sow by 2015
    Lemon Balm, sow by Dec 2012 (still might be worth a try?)
    Oregano, sow by 2015
    2 x sweet basil, sow by 2015

    Onion 'bedfordshire champion', sow by 2015
    Curly kale 'scarlet', sow by 2015
    Kale 'nero de toscana', opened - approx 40 seeds left
    Kale 'dwarf green curled', sow by 2015
    Broad bean 'bunyards exhibition', sow by 2014

    Delphinium 'pacific giants mixed', sow by 2014
    Corn cockle, sow by 2014
    Canterbury Bells, sow by 2014
    Antirrhinum 'Cheerio F2 Mixed', sow by 2014
    Echinacea (variety not given but it is pink), sow by 2014
    Combined packet of Sunflower 'russian giant' and sweet pea '20th anniversary mix, sow by 2013

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    Legume, you can swap your seeds into the Virtual Seed Parcel if you want to. There are no restrictions on that. The details are here


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      Originally posted by veggiechicken View Post
      Legume, you can swap your seeds into the Virtual Seed Parcel if you want to. There are no restrictions on that. The details are here
      You mean, I can get more seeds?! Oh god help me!... can't... resist.... *knaws on edge of desk*

      Seriously, thank you veggiechicken. What a good initiative! I do not think I need 10 packets though... may I just pick 5 packets from the list above (or you can pick, if you like?) and send them to you so I can exchange them for 5 packets, and then let the posters here know which ones are still available?

      Or just send the whole lot to you, and then pick a few from your list as and when I need them?

      What would work best?

      Unfortunately, I just finished ordering a load more seeds for this year - wish I had seen this forum before I did that! Grrr...


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        if i were you i would just send the whole lot to VC, its alot simpler and you will get to choose some seeds you want, and it wil be far cheeper as it will only cost you around 3 large letter stamps (depending on the amount of seeds your sending and the seeds that you want to be sent back) - plus the seeds change on there all the time, for example ive just sent VC around 35 packets
        Last edited by Matt94; 07-01-2013, 10:18 PM.


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          You can do it whatever way you like, legume! Most of the packets in the VSP have smaller quantities than you would buy in a commercial packet but it gives you the chance to try lots of different varieties to see what you prefer! Why don't you have a look at the VSP seed list and see if there's something that appeals to you, then let me know!


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            Thank you both for your advice. I will pack up the whole lot and send them to you then, and pick just a few from the VSP list to try out, as you suggest.

            Hee hee! New seeds!!! *jumps up and down with glee*


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              There are lots of seeds in there that you wouldn't be able to buy from one of the normal seed suppliers - lots of heritage seeds and unusual ones. Its a good opportunity to have a little dabble When you're ready, PM me and I'll send you my address.


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